6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Application

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You have probably landed on this article by clicking on a link in your email or on a social media network, most probably Facebook or Twitter.  On what device are you reading this article?

My guess is you have your smartphone close to your eyes.  This in itself shows the all-pervading reach of the smartphone.  It has become the primary tool to interact with the world at large for each one of us.  It is obvious then, that your business needs a presence on this handheld device.  Let us examine this in a bit more detail.

1.  Expansive reach : In today`s technology driven world, even the illiterate are computer literate to a degree.  Most people without a formal education can still use a touch-enabled smartphone and gain access to the whole wide world of possibilities out there.  Everyone may not be in a position to have a workstation or a personal computer at home or office, but owning a smartphone is just second nature.  You just have to have it.  Mobile phone penetration levels and Active internet users on the smartphone are on a steep upswing.  Smart devices are available at very cheap rates for the common man.  Internet usage charges have plunged across the globe, as governments in all countries are encouraging the use of digital platforms and technology for service delivery.  All these factors lend themselves to the building of a global society which is increasingly becoming dependent on smart devices as their preferred mode of communication.

You will definitely miss out on a bucket load of potential customers if you do not increase your visibility and register yourself in their minds.  The best mode to reach out to these potential clients is through their smartphone.

2.  Building a direct connection : Once your client or vendor has your mobile application installed on his phone, it serves as a hotline between the two of you.  You can easily and directly communicate with the other person on a priority level.  App notifications and reminders can be used to indicate new stock, announce discounts, ask for timely payment disbursal and also help during customer loyalty programs.  You are now sure that the message has reached the intended party and is not lost enroute.

3. Inculcating brand loyalty : There is always a lot of competition in business. Each business tries to acquire clients and then intends to convert them to repeat customers.  No one wishes that their client walks away after just one deal.  Having an app on your client`s phone helps you to convince him to stay with you, just a while longer.  You can introduce app specific discounts, exclusive merchandise available only through the app, priority access to new stock via the app and many other offerings that make the client feel special.  A lot of business relationships are nurtured through intangibles like according respect or making the client feel wanted and special.  Not necessarily through monetary inducements and discounts, but in a social way.  You can use the client`s primary details like his birthday and marriage anniversary to offer him a cake or special birthday wish or a personalized gift from your store on his special day.  These things go a long way in building a good rapport with your customer. Suriainternational is one of the best mobile application development company Singapore

4. Building a personal experience : You can program your app to save personal preferences of your client, order history etc.  This can then be used to better his experience of using the app.  An example can be pushing a reminder to add a packet of butter while shopping for groceries based on his last 3 shopping lists.  All these small things add up in the long run in creating a positive image of your business in the client`s mind.

5. Ease of organization and tracking : Once you have an app, it is not only for your clients.  You register your vendors on it too.  You can place requirements and delivery orders with your vendors in a jiffy through the app itself.  With real-time tracking and GPS, you, your vendor and your client, all are in the loop about any parcel that is out for delivery.  You can track shipments, identify bottlenecks in the logistics delivery chain and address issues for a smoother functioning and timely delivery.  This ensures seamless operations and efficient usage of resources.

6. Payment Gateways and Security : Mobile applications development company today function with a secure back-end of a robust security infrastructure.  This enables the inclusion of payment gateways and internet banking features linked with the app.  In turn, the app itself offers ways and means for payments to be processed, whether it is an RTGS transfer of a Credit/Debit card transaction.  This adds up in the ease of doing business.

Now that you are convinced that your business does need a mobile application development of its own, what is the next step?  Simple enough.