7 factors for choosing the right website development company for a startup

“Any business that aspires to be successful in this day and age needs a robust presence on the world wide web and social media platforms.”

The above statement is a very understated way of saying that you need an appealing, up-to-date, responsive and adaptive website/webpage as your online home at the least.  To add to it, you need to have an active social media profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, et al.

You obviously need a website development company to handle all your online needs and portfolio.  But you are a startup.  You have unique constraints owing to your nascent status in the business world.  So, how do you choose a web developer?  Well, here are some pointers:

1. Affordability:  Isn’t it obvious?  As a startup entity, you need to invest the maximum amount of seed capital in the core business.  Yet, you need an effective marketing strategy.  A website/webpage provides maximum reach within a limited budget.  But you probably don’t have a vast budget to spend on flashy website design with n number of webpages to go on and on about your potential.  You need a website design that is simple, effective, concise and to the point.  This will help you stay in budget and get your point across to your intended audience.

2. Experience and Guidance:  Being a startup entity, your business is going to face more than a fair share of teething problems in the market.  You don’t require a web design company that is facing similar issues at its own end.  A smart choice would be to entrust your online needs to an experienced hand.  You should look for a web developer agency which has handled many projects such as yours.  This helps in anticipating many problems that may arise in the future and plan accordingly right at the outset. An experienced web designing company will make sure that the fundamental technical aspects of your website are strong for future needs.

3. Team composition and technical ability:  Web application development company are cropping up a dime a dozen these days. Every other day you come across leaflets and marketing materials claiming cheap services and answers to all your queries at a click of the mouse.  You need to remember that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  You should inquire about the technical abilities and background of the staff with the particular website designing company.  An honest and true vendor will not gloss over such critical information.  In fact, a confident organization having faith in the abilities of its workforce will flaunt its personnel.

4. Global thinking:  Act local, think global is a maxim used in today’s interconnected world.  You are a startup.  You will have to establish a toehold in the local market first, and then expand your operations.  For this to fructify, your web design company should be well acquainted with the local market; the tastes and preferences of the immediate neighborhood.  It should share the concerns and prevalent beliefs of the local market.  Also, it should be conversant with the best business practices globally.  This ensures applicability of state-of-the-art practices in the business.

5. Scalability:  The web  application development company offered by your vendor should cater to increased volume of requests and expansion of web based services in due course.  It is better to start operations with a vendor who already has a robust infrastructure for the future growth of your company rather than jump mid ship.  This provides for consistency and reliability.

6. Cross-platform compatibility:  The web developer you hire should be comfortable working on all platforms in the market – Android, iOS, Windows, Cloud server, etc.  Your online presence should not be restricted to any one platform or software.  Your webpage design should be such that it is equally effective across all devices and underlying software programs and protocols.  You should choose your vendor with a capacity to handle all these cross compatibility issues.

7. eCommerce and security protocols:  The vendor that you choose should be able to provide you with an eCommerce solution built in to your website.  Your website should be not only an advertisement for your work but an actual market place for interaction with the clients.  Your eCommerce website should be based on the latest security protocols and payment gateway security features inbuilt into them.  This provides reliability and ease of doing business for you and your clients.

In summary, you need a web design company who feels as invested in your business as you yourselves are.  You don’t need just a service provider but a company that backs you up as your business partner.  This is the ethos of Suria International Services Pte Ltd, the best website design and ecommerce website developer in all of Singapore.

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