Android vs. iOS- Which Platform is More Secure in 2021?

Whenever we talk about mobile app development, it is necessary to compare every aspect from the perspectives of archrivals Android and iOS. Let’s take an example of mobile app security. Irrespective of app development duration and methodology, the security of your enterprise app largely depends on the operating system (OS). Though iOS has remained an unprecedented winner for a long time Google has decided to up the ante with the release of Android Q.

Here we are going to find the answer to an age-old question- which mobile operating system is more secure, Android or iOS? As we become more dependent on mobile devices for banking, social media, and online shopping, cybercriminals focus more on attacking our Android and iOS-powered devices for getting access to the most personal information. Let’s check out the threat level for both these operating systems in this blog.

But, before moving forward, let’s have a quick look at both these systems from the viewpoint of a mobile app development company.

Android OS

Popularity- With almost 72% market share globally, Android OS enjoys higher popularity than iOS. This is one of the major reasons why entrepreneurs and individuals opt for Android app development. But then, huge popularity makes Android OS more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Also, the app review process on Google Play is far less stringent as compared to that on Apple’s App Store. As a result, users may accidentally install a malicious app on their devices, especially when they trust Unknown Sources.

Open Source- As an open-source OS, Android enables device manufacturers to modify the source code. Users find this aspect highly flexible and interesting, but it increases the risk of cyberattacks. Altering the source code of the device can open the doors for cybercriminals.

Fragmentation- Unlike iOS, the Android OS runs on mobile devices manufactured by various companies across the world. Some of the device manufacturers may provide more secure hardware than others, but if users have bought cheap devices, it is possible that they have to compromise on security.

Apple’s iOS

Closed OS- iOS is a proprietary mobile OS that runs only on Apple products- iPhones and iPod Touch. As a result, it is difficult to find the passage to access iPhones. It is fair to mention that iOS app development company has to pass through more stringent norms for approving apps. However, this makes it almost impossible for a malicious app to sneak into Apple’s App Store.

Flexibility- Apple does not allow manufacturers of mobile devices to modify iOS or custom ROMs based on iOS. It makes the iOS and devices based on this operating system more secure. Also, Apple has more stringent controls over this OS. However, jailbreaking can be a serious issue for Apple brand mobile devices in the years to come.

As iOS is a closed OS with less flexibility, hackers tend to avoid it as often. Also, as compared to Android OS, iOS has way fewer customers.

Threat Level for Android vs. iOS

Looking at the basic characteristics and apparent differences, Apple’s iOS looks more secure than Android OS. The owners of Android devices can tinker with the OS thereby creating a weakness in device security. Manufacturers also alter or modify the Android OS to make it more vulnerable. Finally, a huge number of users attract hackers to attack Android-powered devices.

However, we cannot say that iOS is completely safe against any cyberattack. Owners of iOS and Android devices should remain alert for possible malware and virus attacks. It is also necessary to remain careful while downloading apps from any third-party app stores or unknown sources. In other words, it is better to download apps from Google Play and Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

Talking about the security updates, Android brings monthly updates in the Android Security Bulletin. But, the OS does not force the users to update their devices. Android users can simply ignore the update and keep using their devices. This can lead to a security breach by making the device more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Apple, on the other hand, makes a mandate for every user to download the most recent security upgrades. iOS users cannot ignore these upgrades because of continuous notifications.

Social engineering attacks can be increased in the year 2021 and beyond. In such attacks, cybercriminals attempt to trick device users into giving their log-in information, access to bank accounts, and other confidential information with the help of social media networks. Such phishing attacks are common for both Android and iOS-based devices.

Concluding Lines

Software giants Apple and Google are aware of various tricks of hackers for attacking their devices. They come up with updates regularly and tend to strengthen security features to eliminate the possibility of such malicious attacks. However, it is necessary for device users to trust Google Play or Apple App Store for downloading apps and reputed manufacturers for Android devices to get rid of any hacking attempt.

Finally, it is always better to consult an Android app development company before converting your idea into the app.

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