Angular vs React vs Vue: Which JavaScript framework to choose for your next project?

JavaScript has remained a preferred programming language for building desktop and mobile applications globally As technology advances, the JavaScript frameworks also get evolved, which can make developers confused. Out of many frameworks available, Angular, Vue, and React have gained a lot of popularity in the developer’s community in a short time. In this blog, we are going to compare these three platforms from various aspects.

Before comparing them, let’s have a brief introduction to React.js, AngularJS, and Vue.js.

Introduction of React, Angular, and Vue

React.js- Build High Traffic Websites with Ease

Facebook released this framework back in 2013. It was designed to address the issues related to high online traffic on Facebook ads. It also resolved coding and maintenance issues effectively. Today, React.js is used for developing high-traffic websites and interactive user interfaces. Glassdoor, PayPal, and Instagram are a few of the big brands that rely on React.

Angular- Robust Framework for Advanced Web Solutions

Angular is the oldest framework among these three frameworks. Google released it in 2010, and it is based on TypeScript. The JS suffix was dropped from AngularJS in the year 2016. Popular websites like Wix and Google itself are powered by the Angular framework. It is a robust and reliable framework for building advanced web apps and mobile apps.

Vue- Newest Member of JavaScript Family

Evan You, an ex-engineer at Google, has launched Vue in the year 2014. Since its inception, Vue has gained ground in the developer’s community. It has made the software developer’s life easy by eliminating the shortcomings of other similar frameworks. Today, Alibaba and GitLab are two big names that use Vue for their websites.

Comparing Angular vs React vs Vue


As per the Stack Overflow survey, React is the most preferred framework and Vue.js follows it closely. However, Angular seems to lose ground due to the growing popularity of Express, Spring, and ASP.NET. However, Google Trends says a completely different story. From the perspective of search terms, React is on the top and closely followed by Angular for the last 12 months. Here, Vue is way behind both these frameworks. All these stats reveal that React is by far the most popular framework, but we need to compare other factors to get the real picture of comparing three JS frameworks.


The performance of these three frameworks can be measured by DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation method. In this test, the benchmark tool measures time taken for total DOM manipulation events completed by these three frameworks. While performing the DOM manipulation test, Chrome profiler can take snapshots of the JavaScript web pages for memory evaluation. Two snapshots for showing the real-time memory consumption were taken

  • When the page was loading before performing any action
  • After performing various actions

In the following results, we can see that Vue.js has a slightly higher heap size after performing various actions as compared to its other counterparts.

Let’s go through other important aspects of comparison now.

Community Support

Talking about the community support, Angular and React have the upper hand over Vue.js, but it does not mean that Vue.js is less popular than its robust counterparts. An open-source community has given Vue.js tremendous popularity in a short time. With over 5.7k watcher, 17k forks, and 122k stars, Vue rules GitHub repositories. But then, this platform has considerably low numbers when it comes to contributors. React has the highest 1.8k contributors to date followed by Angular. Both Angular and React are considered more reliable as Google and Facebook respectively have kept a dedicated team to manage these frameworks. Also, both these frameworks come with regular updates, which is not much possible for Vue.js.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is the ability of developers to write the code in a particular programming language. Vue.js has the easiest learning curve because it is closer to the JavaScript basics and HTML. You can hire Vue.js developers who can start the development process with ease. However, the process gets complicated for building a complex app. Angular has the most difficult learning curve as it uses TypeScript, a subset of JavaScript. If you want to build a powerful, enterprise-grade application then it is advisable to hire Angular developers, because the framework offers many useful features to developers for implementing certain coding patterns.

Size and Scalability

Vue is the lightest among these three frameworks. If you want to build a lightweight app, you can hire Vue developers. Angular, on the other hand, has much stuff ranging from templates to testing tools for the developers. Therefore, it requires more space and not suitable for developing light-weight applications. You can hire ReactJS developers for building both light-weight and heavy applications. React is not as heavy as Angular but it needs support from other libraries to perform various tasks.

Considering the size, Angular is 500+ KB, React is 100 KB, and Vue is 80 KB. A ReactJS, Angular.js, or Vue.js development company can give more idea about the framework’s size and scalability.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, you need to select the platform as per the project needs. For example, if you want to build a large app, it is better to opt for Angular, but if you want to build an interactive UI for your app, React should be your choice. Finally, if you want to experiment with a fresh and promising framework, then you should go for Vue.js. It is better to consult a reputed web and mobile app development company to get more insights for selecting the right framework.

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