Apple WWDC 2020- Biggest Announcements Made by Cupertino Giant

Every year, Apple fanboys and developers eagerly wait for the grand WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) event. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was delayed and completely virtual.  However, the Cupertino Company did its best to please Apple fans by revealing new products and presenting an impressive keynote address containing a few biggest announcements in this online event held on June 22.

If you have missed its live streaming, here we give the list of some of the biggest announcements of the WWDC 2020 event from the viewpoint of an iOS app development company.

What Apple Announced in WWDC 2020

  1. Big Sur for macOS

‘Big Sur’ is a major design overhaul for macOS. It is aimed at making a look-and-feel of new Macs a little more like that of iOS. The Control Center concept is also inspired by iOS. Users can get one-click access to dark mode, volume, brightness, and Wi-Fi control through a dropdown menu in the upper right area of the screen.

The Safari browser is improved to check saved passwords and find those that may have breached in the cyber attack. Also, a Privacy Report button is given to know which information is recorded by the website the user is currently browsing. The extension system of Safari has also got an update. Also, maps are redesigned with more useful stuff like favorite locations and indoor maps.

  1. Performance Enhancements for iPadOS 14

Like iOS 14, the iPadOS 14 has also got some new tricks and tweaks. Redesigned UI is more user-friendly than ever. Now, the users can access to Photos and Music app through a new sidebar seamlessly. The same changes are also implemented for iMessage, mail, and calendar applications. Universal Search feature can assist the users to find documents and contacts easily and enable them to search inside an application.

The iPadOS 14 has Android-like compact call notifications. They will pop up on the screen’s top without restricting the users to do their tasks. Apple Pencil has some cool features like smart recommendations and handwriting identification. Users can select and paste handwritten text in other apps and it will be automatically converted to typed-text through Apple Pencil.

  1. New and Improved iOS 14

A much-anticipated announcement in the WWDC 2020 was about iOS 14, the next version of iOS. Though Apple has rolled out a developer’s version on June 22, we can expect that the public beta version will come sometime in July.

A few new features and many improvements are visible in the iOS 14. Now, users can personalize widgets by clicking on the Widget Gallery option. Some widgets will remain on the home screen as well. App Library will enable users to categorize various apps distributed on different pages of the home screen. Once pages on the  home screen are decided, users can categorize the rest of the apps as Recently Added and Suggestions.

The iMessage application is improved to enable users to pin their messages. It is easy to reply to a specific pinned message. New Memojis with face masks and various hairstyles will enrich the conversation. New gestures like a fist bump, blush, and hugs are also integrated into iMessage application. Translate app has now eleven different languages including Italian, English, and Japanese. The offline translation is also possible with the improved Translate app.

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  1. Improvements in Apple HomeKit

The new Apple HomeKit has a Face Identification feature that enables doorbell cameras to identify known faces. The users can easily know who is at the door through HomePod notifications or AppleTV. Also, smart bulbs connected with HomeKit can be adjusted for temperature or brightness using the Adjusted Lighting feature. Another facility is related to the security camera powered by HomeKit. Users can restrict alerts to particular points out of the wider area covered by the security camera.

  1. Advanced WatchOS 7

The all-new Apple WatchOS 7 has smaller updates comprising new features and performance improvements. Handwashing Detection is the most important feature dedicated to hygienic practice in the corona age. This feature enables the Apple Watch to detect hand washing. Accelerometer can find the appropriate motions and the microphone can listen to the scrubbing sounds. The countdown timer starts automatically to ensure the user that they have washed hands for 20 seconds. Also, sleep tracking and workout tracking are other noteworthy features.

  1. Privacy Enhancements

The iOS giant always emphasizes on protecting the user’s privacy. This year, the company has brought the Approx Location feature to facilitate the users to give their approx location instead of the exact place for accessing the app. An on-screen indicator will alert iPhone users when an app accesses the camera or microphone.

Apple also announced new features for AirPods like Spatial Audio and Device Switching. as well as for Apple tvOS 14 has some new features including Picture-in-Picture Formation and multi-user capabilities. What’s more, the Apple Silicon project is on track and it is expected that the first Macs with new chips will come in the last few months of 2020. Apple has parted ways with Intel after 15 years to make ARM-based processors under the Apple Silicon project.

Concluding Lines

WWDC 2020 has brought many new features and performance improvements for Apple users. The iOS app development company will utilize them to develop user-friendly and advanced apps. It is interesting to see how the iPhone giant will integrate such innovative features in the upcoming series of iPhones and iPads.

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