ReactJS- The most favored front-end technology for startups

From Facebook to Netflix and New York Times to Instagram- all the top-class apps are powered by React.js. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the React.js platform has played a vital role in implementing digital experience for users. In this blog, we are going to discuss its importance as a front-end technology for startups from the perspective of a React.js development company.

While looking for a digital solution in the web and mobile domains, startups and small businesses have to find the perfect technology stack. It should be capable of fulfilling the expectations and requirements of the target audience. Every web and mobile app development project has separate needs, and therefore, it is imperative to opt for a robust tech stack that ensures a seamless process for a seamless user experience.

What is the importance of User Experience for startups and SMEs?

It is the user experience that decides the success and failure of any enterprise application. Startups and SMEs strive for strengthening their presence in the market amid intense competition. What’s more, their target audience also focuses on a particular technology and wants a flawless experience. In such a scenario, startups have to find the perfect match for their web and mobile app projects. They should consider the security and scalability of the platform to provide the experience as per the end user’s expectations.

Rise of ReactJS

For startups and SMEs, it is more of a business decision to select the most suitable framework for developing a business website and mobile app. It is a cumbersome task because a plethora of frameworks is available in the market with different features and functionality.

Here. ReactJS lends a helping hand. It has the capability of developing rich and appealing web apps. You can hire dedicated React.js developers to come up with a customized business application that has a better performance and reduced load time. It is possible to make a customized mobile app with the help of React.js. Developers prefer this platform because it requires minimal coding for creating intuitive single-page apps and mobile apps.

As an open-source, JavaScript library, ReactJS helps startups and SMEs to develop interactive web and mobile apps. It enables developers to create dynamic applications with desired features in a relatively short time. A Statista research has revealed that around 36% of developers use ReactJS for front-end development. When it comes to building user-friendly apps for small to mid-scale industries and startups, ReactJS has remained highly popular among developers.

Let’s dig deep into the reasons for the growing popularity of ReactJS among all available front-end development frameworks for startups.

Five Reasons that Make ReactJS a Preferred Choice for Front-end Development in 2021

  • Easy to Use Framework

Simple structure and minimal coding are two major characteristics of ReactJS. It contributes to creating interactive and engaging UI for customized web and mobile applications. The mobile app development company uses this framework for developing feature-rich, high-quality mobile apps for its corporate clients.

  • Easy Modification

It is necessary for every startup and SME to modify their web and mobile apps in line with the changing market trends and the end user’s expectations. There, ReactJS development company can assist because experienced ReactJS developers can easily modify any specific section of the app quite rapidly and seamlessly.

  • Stability of Code

ReactJS offers code stability by working on a single-way data flow. It ensures a simplified and well-sorted modification process for the code. As a result, the parent structure does not get affected by the changes developers made in the app. Code stability offers consistent app performance that enables developers to change any particular component without affecting the rest of the parts of your application.

  • Reusability of Code

Code reusability is another important feature of the ReactJS framework. It facilitates dedicated ReactJS developers to reuse the components thereby assisting them to save time and effort. When you hire ReactJS developers, this feature can enable you to save big on development time and cost. All you get is a high-performance app without compromising the quality.

  • SEO-friendliness

This is one of the biggest reasons why startups should opt for ReactJS app development. Every startup needs to mark its online presence on Google SERPs. ReactJS, with its SEO-friendly nature, reduces the PLT (Page Load Time) significantly, thereby increasing visibility and web traffic. ReactJS also allows search engines like Google and Bing to crawl JavaScript-heavy apps for boosting online visibility.

Concluding Lines

When it comes to raising the conversion rate, reducing costs, and digital branding of your business, React.js development can be a preferred choice for entrepreneurs. It can give your startup or SME a competitive edge over peers and accelerate growth. All you need to hire React.js developers from a reputed app development company.

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