• 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Application

    Hello there! 

    You have probably landed on this article by clicking on a link in your email or on a social media network, most probably Facebook or Twitter.  On what device are you reading this article?

    My guess is you have your smartphone close to your eyes.  This in itself ...

  • 7 factors for choosing the right website development company for a startup

    “Any business that aspires to be successful in this day and age needs a robust presence on the world wide web and social media platforms.”

    The above statement is a very understated way of saying that you need an appealing, up-to-date, responsive and adaptive website/...

  • Check Your Historical Analytics

    This can feel like an obvious item to be aware of, but it’s tricky – It’s too easy to lose track of old pages and outdated offers on your website when you’re a busy marketer. Twice a year, take a quick inventory of your offers and their conversion rates, and then check ...

  • Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized

    Build a mailing list segment of people who haven’t been responsive to your last five emails to them, and then send them a special offer and ask them what they are looking for but haven’t seen. You can get very valuable feedback and advice, and generate leads that were otherwise unresponsive. Consider ...

  • Special Offers To Your Unengaged Recipients

    This is a mistake that a lot of marketers make when using in social media – Forgetting to include the lead form. We frequently get caught up in the other parts of social media like “conversing” and “engaging” and “joining the conversation” that we forget to include our own motives in our work. Make sure ...

  • Make Sure Your Social Media Presence Has Forms

    Followerwonk is a Twitter networking tool that helps you identify other Twitter users with specific interests, sorted by how popular they are. There are a number of tools out there that do things that are similar to this, but Followerwonk is better than them for a few ...

  • Network More Efficiently with Followerwonk

    Many marketers who have discovered tips or tricks about their field keep those items close to their chest. It’s understandable why they would want to preserve these secrets, whether for competitive advantage, job security or simple jealousy. They use these strategies to help create leads for their sales teams, and watch their secret ...


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