Your Guide to Build On-demand Doctor Appointment Application

Time has gone when people have to stand in a queue to get appointments with their doctors. Even before the advent of a pandemic age, people could consult the doctor over their mobile phone without wasting time standing on a long waiting list. But, with a doctor appointment booking app, users can consult any specialist conveniently while sitting at their place. These apps have some unique features that let doctors to get accurate data of the patients in real-time. Also, healthcare organizations can easily implement the telemedicine concept with the help of on-demand healthcare apps.

Not only patients but also doctors find such apps highly useful. As per the data, around 80% of physicians use medical apps regularly. According to a survey, approximately 1.7 billion smartphone users have a healthcare app on their phones. It is so because everyone is now more concerned about their health and taking all possible steps to cure themselves with the doctor’s help as and when needed.

After the arrival of COVID-19, the doctor appointment application has started gaining ground rapidly across the world. These days, many healthcare service providers want to build an on-demand doctor appointment app, but they have no idea of where to start. Let’s dig deep into the features, tips, and other necessary information about the customized doctor appointment application in this article.

Let’s start with the list of major features of a doctor appointment app.

Must-have Features to Build a Doctor Appointment App

Here are the primary features that are required to build a user-friendly doctor appointment app.

  1. Creating a profile

Not only the patient but the doctor also has to make a profile in the doctor appointment app. Both the doctors and the patients have to fill in some personal details to create their respective profiles.

  1. Searching doctors

A search bar will help the patient search for the doctor as per their requirements. They can also search for the doctor using subtitles like a doctor’s specialty, area, type of care, time, and many more.

  1. Booking an appointment

This is the most important feature of an on-demand doctor appointment booking app. After selecting the particular doctor, the patient can send a request for booking an appointment with the doctor. A built-in chat will help the doctor and patient to discuss everything.

  1. Various options for payment

With the growth in technology, the world is progressing to a cashless society. The users can make the payment through various modes like a credit card, debit card, or wallet without any hassles. It also helps the hospitals to keep an online record of receipts. The healthcare app development company integrates payment gateways to offer multiple payment options to app users.

How Healthcare App Development benefits Startups

A successful doctor appointment application can enable healthcare service providers to expand their reach and improve patient care services. Let’s go through useful tips to make the doctor appointment app popular.

Tips for making the Doctor Appointment Booking App Successful:

Some tips that will help you to build a successful doctor appointment booking app are mentioned below:

  • The application must have a group of well-known, trusted, as well as experienced doctors. It makes it easy for the patients to choose the doctor as per their diseases or symptoms.
  • Compatibility feature provides many benefits to the doctors, like encouraging them to register themselves on this doctor appointment application.
  • Patients who use this doctor appointment application regularly get various offers healthcare tips. It will increase and attract both the new and existing users.
  • The authentication of doctors is necessary. Doctors with good record and higher success ratio can attain success in their respective field and therefore, they are much more trusted.
  • Having multiple payment options will attract and encourage users towards your app. So, try to include all popular modes of payment.

Before developing a customized doctor appointment booking app, it is essential to know the kinds of revenue you can earn from it. These apps will help you generate the following revenue models.

How to Generate Revenue from Doctor Booking App?

The cost of doctor appointment app is a bit higher than other on-demand apps. Therefore, it is necessary to think of revenue sources based on it.

Let’s have a look over them:

  • Commission-based model

This is the simplest and easiest revenue. In this method, doctors have to give some part of their fee as commission to the app owner. And, the app owner will provide patients and other app-related services to the doctor as a consideration of commission.

  • Paid listing

Small doctors or less popular ones can use this method. In this method, doctors can list themselves in the featured doctor’s lists. They have to pay a small amount in consideration of this listing.

  • In-app advertisement

Another way for app owners to earn money is In-app Advertisement. In this method, app owners are paid for advertising the doctors within their app. In return, the app owners get a fixed sum of money.

Concluding Lines

With the development of these doctor appointment applications, doctors can also examine and test many patients in a less time. During an emergency, if the patient cannot visit the hospital, these apps have proven to be a boon. Around half of smartphone users are using these doctor appointment apps because of the convenience and comfort they offer. It is impossible to visit your doctor regularly. But with these apps, patients can book appointments with their doctors over their mobile phones. This doctor appointment application is also helpful in the present Covid-19 situation where people avoid crowded-full places and maintain social distance.

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