Top challenges of Real Estate App Development and Solutions

The fact that technology is advancing rapidly is quite apparent. It touches every industry sector under the sun for bringing transformational changes in core processes. Technology has a special place in the real estate field also. It is fair to mention that technology provides various new concepts and techniques for a better business opportunity. With this, real estate app development is expanding its reach from commercial and residential to industrial properties.

Technological advancements bring radical changes to the conventional method of working, thereby reducing the need for middlemen in every field. For example, real estate apps reduce the dependence of customers who were earlier dependent on people dealing with properties-related information. The primary advantage is that the owner of a real estate app will get the ability to track and control all the activities efficiently.

The real estate mobile app development company allows property owners or realtors to pay more attention to their primary activities like operational lease management and tenant management. These days, real estate app solution offers many features including virtual visit and online booking for physical visit of the property as per the user’s convenient time. But then, as a domain, real estate app development has to face many challenges while developing innovative and future-ready apps. Let’s dig deep into these major challenges.

Top Challenges of Real Estate App Development 

Real estate mobile app development faces many challenges, and developers try their best to reduce the impact of these challenges with effective solutions. These challenges are discussed here:

App Development Budget

Funds are one of the most vital challenges the real estate companies face while shifting their work mode from traditional to technological means. Whether it is iOS app development or Android app development, the real estate companies need to spend a handsome amount. Moreover, the apps have to be user-friendly and highly efficient, which comprises more interactive features and requires time to time up-gradation. In a way, the cost of real estate app development remains higher than other simple mobile apps.

App Security

The security factor is a significant challenge as the real estate workers and brokers work with highly confidential information that is highly sensitive concerning the customers and the agents. It includes the banking and financial statements of the customers. The real estate companies have to work on their apps and bind them with a highly secured algorithm and encryption that is not easy to hack. It is so because cybercrime has boosted up immeasurably in today’s date.

How to Overcome These Challenges

Financial challenges are easily manageable by opting for an alternative method – cross-platform app development, which is a cost-effective method for the real estate companies to create an app compatible with both android and iOS  at the expense of building just one platform.

VR and AR technologies options help it make virtual tours and 360-degree tours possible as it is highly asked for by the customers. It also provides HD images which give a micro realistic look to the property photos. This feature helps realtors attract the millennials and other classes that comprise the major chunk of the audience.

The real estate app solution makers can install a two-step verification or a double authentication to enhance security and protect the customer’s data from going into the wrong hands. It will ensure that only the authorized person or registered individual can access the information, and it will also safeguard the confidential details.

How Mobile App Changes the Face of Real Estate Sector

The Investment Factor 

Once the basic structure of the mobile application is known, the investment factor arises. It takes almost 600 hours to build this type of app. The cost of a real estate app depends on multiple factors including the location we choose. Considering all these factors, a real estate mobile app development cost starts from $ 15,000.

However, the increasing number of features and more complexity can take the amount around $ 45,000.

Effective Benefits of Real Estate Apps

Here are some advantages of having a real estate mobile app.

Managing the property

The development of such an application allows the owners to monitor and manage their real estate assets. They can see the list of genuine buyers and their personal information so that the owner can choose the right buyer wisely.

Cloud storage

The cloud technology enables the customers to store their documents and files seamlessly and securely. It also makes it easy for the officials to share with different customers across multiple devices from anywhere and anytime.

Collaborative means

The collaboration will ultimately help the buyers and the sellers to communicate smoothly and create a friendly environment. Also, you can manage real estate.

Top Features of Custom Real Estate Apps

The search function

The search function will make it simple for the customers to find and locate their property. They can also work smoothly and give quick and accurate results using these well-developed apps.

Picture gallery

The gallery option contains all the photos related to the property. It has all the videos and virtual tours to facilitate the customers to make a decision for buying or renting a property.


The Maps section would make it easier for the customers to find properties in nearby areas. It can give information about the infrastructure, nearby landmarks, and other important factors.

Concluding Remarks

The real estate sector needs to be adequately exposed to the social and cloud realm. The real estate app development will guarantee to cope up with all the critical needs as well as variants. However, it is concluded that the realtors will be identifying the same and start working towards a cloud-based real estate business.

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