Google Announces Flutter 2.0 For The Web And Desktop Apps

On March 3, the search engine giant Google has released a stable version of Flutter 2.0, one of the most desperately awaited stables releases of Flutter. The team of developers has revealed the primary goal behind bringing Flutter 2 is to enable Flutter app developers to build a robust application with an unmatchable experience. You may raise the question- what makes Flutter 2.0 so special? Read on to get your answer!

Flutter 2.0- What’s New, What’s Better?

With the launch of Flutter 2.0, developers have closed over 24000 issues and merged 17.039 PRs from over 765 contributors. Even volunteer PR reviewers have done a good job and reviewed 1525 PRs. Talking about the new features, Flutter 2.0 has come up with support for web and desktop app development.

Since its initial release, Flutter has remained a preferred choice of developers worldwide. The developer community of Flutter will soon cross 500,000 members. As the platform has gained the title of the developer’s homeland, with the announcement of the Flutter 2.0 version, its thriving community has changed the name from DevTools to FlutterDevTools.

Let’s understand the major features and fixes of the latest Flutter version along with its impact on mobile app development services.

Support for Web

You can hire Flutter developers for developing web and desktop apps as well. Yes, the stable Flutter 2.0 release has made it possible by extending support for the web platform. With this, Google’s Flutter has taken the code reusability to another level. Flutter 2.0 release is significant as it has changed its document-centric approach to the app-centric approach. Now, when you hire Flutter developers they can build apps on the web platforms including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and develop web applications as well.

With this Flutter 2.0 offers enhanced APIs for developing interactive 2D and 3D graphics. A Canvas-Kit-based renderer will accompany the existing HTML renderer in the latest version. A Link widget enables developers to get a web-app-like feel in the browser they choose.

Support for Desktop

Another significant feature of Flutter 2.0 is extended support for desktop applications. With this, a Flutter app development company can build apps with native-like experiences for every platform. Accurate mouse dragging, text selection pivot points, etc. useful features are built-in with the desktop app development support. What’s more, Flutter 2.0 also facilitates developers to stop the keyboard events even though they have been initiated.

The scrollbar widget is updated to offer high-end interactiveness in desktop apps. These apps also show page and down track and the mouse hovers in the scroll bar to give the perfect desktop experience in the app. Flutter app developers can use their thumb for development and customize the app using the new ScrollbarTheme class. The latest Flutter version also enables app developers to resize for macOS and Windows.

Google Mobile Ads

Flutter 2.0 has a built-in Google Mobile Ads SDK beta version. Now app developers can easily include native ads and inline banners along with the existing formats. This is a major move to assist app developers and entrepreneurs in monetizing Flutter apps more effectively. Admob and Ad Manager features enable developers to customize their advertisements.

Sound Null Safety

Google has also released the latest version of its programming language as Dart 2.12 along with Flutter 2.0. This version has the Sound null safety features to assist developers to identify nullable and non-nullable types. This built-in Sound Null Safety feature will allow app developers to catch null errors during the development process. It can significantly reduce the downtime that occurs due to null errors during the development cycle.

Support to iOS

Flutter has gained fame as a robust and reliable cross-platform app development platform. In the latest version, Flutter has strengthened its position by addressing 178 iOS-related PRs out of 17.039 PRs. This version has fulfilled the long-standing expectation of developing an IPA directly from the command line without using XCode in iOS app development. With this, Flutter 2.0 has made  69809 to an end.


This is Google’s special gift for Flutter app developers. FlutterDevTools is useful for debugging and enables AndroidStudio or IntelliJ to check for an exception. In a way, it helps developers with debugging. Also, it can identify the image having a higher resolution than displayed.

Autocomplete and ScaffoldMessenger

Other developers’ delight in Flutter 2.0 is two widgets known as Autocomplete core and ScaffoldMessenger. Autocomplete is a must-have feature to induce auto-complete feature in Flutter apps. ScaffoldMessenger helps developers create SnackBar between Scaffold transitions.

Multiple Flutter Instances

Flutter has tremendous ability to reuse the same code for developing iOS and Android apps. With the advent of Flutter 2.0, developers can add Flutter into an existing app with the help of its Add-to-App feature. This feature plays a vital role in saving the native code base while executing the code for two different operating systems. 

Concluding Lines

If you are a Flutter app developer, you can get more information about Flutter 2.0 by reading the Google Developers blog. As an entrepreneur, you can hire Flutter app developers to make the most from this excellent platform for developing the enterprise-level app.

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