Important Features to Consider for Building a Food Delivery App like UberEats

This pandemic age has brought many restrictions and norms like social distancing for all of us. It has changed some of our ways to work and live. One of them is ordering food, groceries, and other items. Though we used to give orders online even before the COVID-19 outbreak, this method has become a new norm as we battle against this pandemic globally.

On-demand food delivery apps like UberEats and GrubHub have made the online ordering of food items more convenient for users. They have made it possible to get favorite food from restaurants using our fingertips. A survey conducted by Zion and Zion has revealed that both these apps have been used by 37.8% and 36% users respectively in the USA.

Simply put, the food delivery apps’ market is thriving while offering many opportunities. If you a restaurant or a takeaway owner, you can come up with an on-demand food delivery app to stay ahead of the curve. Even startups can make the most of on-demand food delivery app development to grow their business in a short time.

You can build a food delivery app like UberEats and take anywhere between 15% to 40% charge from your partner restaurants for every order, every time. What’s more, you can promote any of your partner restaurants within your app after taking some fees. Let’s go through the necessary features that can make your on-demand food delivery app popular.

Key Features to Keep in Mind while Developing On-demand Food Delivery Apps

It is necessary to find a reliable mobile app development company to make an app similar to UberEats or GrubHub because such an app has advanced features and flawless functionality. Also, it is beneficial to research market trends and competitors’ apps to define necessary features and make a roadmap to build a successful food delivery app.

Powerful and popular features like social media integration and virtual assistant for food ordering can give your app an edge over peers. How about giving your customers facilities of giving orders for their favorite food using their social media accounts or a virtual assistant? These facilities will certainly help you attract more people quickly.

Talking about the features, you need to give features in line with the model you have selected for your on-demand food delivery app. You can choose either the ‘Order Model’ or the ‘Order and Delivery Model’. Based on the model, a mobile app development company can segregate features into three panels- User Panel, Admin Panel, and Delivery Person Panel.

Must-have Features for Food Delivery App

Whether you want to build a food delivery app for Android or iOS, these features are necessary to integrate into your app.

Login and Registration- A social media or email and phone number-based registration process enables your app’s users or customers to register themselves in your app.

Search- You can give various filters in this feature to make the user’s search for their favorite food and restaurant easy and convenient.

Order Placing and Checkout- Users can see the digital menu of various restaurants and order food using their fingertips. The checkout process needs to be kept short and simple. You can offer multiple payment options to enable your customers to make payments using any of the payment options from credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking.

Order Tracking- This is the most important feature for any on-demand delivery app. It enables your users to track the order in real-time.

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Personalized Notifications- This feature enables you to send notifications about special offers, app-based discounts, and promotional coupons to your customers.

Reviews and Rating- This feature shows the transparency and openness of your business. Your customers can put their reviews and rating about food items and delivery service. This feature not only attracts other people to use your app but also gives you constructive feedback to improve your services and the partner network.

Help Center- This feature is useful for offering real-time assistance to your customers. The help desk or support center is integrated into both the customer panel and delivery person panel.

Loyalty Program- You can give rewards to your loyal customers through this feature. It engages your app users and retains them to your business for a long time. The loyalty program can help you increase sales and get a loyal customer base.

Cost-determining Factors for Food Delivery Apps like UberEats

The development cost of an on-demand food delivery app depends on various factors like type of platform, the number of third-party integrations, the complexity of features, and the hourly rate of app developers. Though all these features are inter-related, you need to consider them while assigning a budget for developing an on-demand food delivery app.

It is better to consult a reputed mobile app development services provider to get a quote for your features. You can expect that the team of app developers take approximately 50 hours on UI/UX design, 80 hours on the back-end development, and around 120 hours for the Android or iOS platform. Considering all these aspects, the cost of an on-demand food delivery app starts from $20000.

Concluding Lines

The restaurant business offers high profits and many opportunities. However, a feature-rich food delivery app like UberEats is necessary to boost your business amid growing competition and grab opportunities. You can attract existing and new customers alike through a seamlessly-performing on-demand food delivery app. It is fair to mention that the trend of ordering favorite food online is here to stay and you can make the most of this trend with a user-friendly food delivery app.

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