Foton VR- Evolution in Education is Here!

Albert Einstein says- ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. Students’ creativity and innovative approach can work wonders when they have a rich visual experience while learning. Presenting Foton VR solution for schools and training institutes- a VR technology-powered virtual reality classroom. Foton VR can increase students’ engagement by providing immersive experience and nurturing their imagination.

With Foton VR, learning science and technology for grades 5 to 10 students is full of outstanding visualization and a fun way to understand every aspect. Foton VR establishes VR classrooms in a cost-effective way with enhanced student-teach interaction. It is easy for schools to manage education content based on tours, practical labs, and gaming. The solution has covered all concepts of science for grade 5 to 10 for all boards.

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Research on use of VR education

Role of VR in Education

As per a survey conducted among 300+ participants, 100% of students want to learn new topics in VR and 99% of students believe that VR can make the
learning of difficult scientific topics easy for students. 11 teachers who participated in the survey have accepted that VR technology can improve communication in the classroom and the Foton VR content is in line with the board syllabus.

Why foton VR?

Excellent Visualization

Appealing visual effect enhances the learning experience for making education more qualitative and interesting

Increased Interest

Whether it is school, university, or industry, VR technology makes learning and training more interesting. It also increases the engagement of learners

Improved Quality

360-degree, 3D content is highly appealing and interactive. Foton VR shows way better quality than video and animations

Immersive Experience

Learners or trainees can have immersive experience using Foton VR in the VR lab

Foton VR offers virtual tours with 3D experience and provides advanced teaching experience. It redefines education by eliminating certain challenges and limitations.

At Suria International, our dedicated team of expert VR app developers can make Foton VR solution ready for schools, colleges, and industries. Be it learning or training, the Foton VR solution is capable of achieving all its objectives.

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