How AI can Change the Face of Mobile App Development?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets streamlined in the corporate world swiftly. It has not only influenced the way we work but also has made quite an impact on our lifestyle. It enhances every activity by improves the functionality of various tools and devices we use. Today, Artificial Intelligence has started to simulate human intelligence in a big way and every industry witnesses its widening scope. The mobile app development domain reflects this trend and integrates AI to make apps smarter than ever.

AI is already present in smartphones for some time now. Some years back, smartphones were dependent on the Internet, but the latest smartphones integrate cloud-based AI into the built-in AI system to provide an excellent user experience. In this blog, we are going to discuss the role of AI in mobile app development technology.

AI in Mobile App Development- Making Apps Smarter

A study from McKinsey Global Institute revealed that AI expansion has brought in $39 billion investment back in 2016, which was three times the amount invested in this technology in 2013. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that AI acts as a catalyst in the mobile app development domain and keeps on enhancing the performance of apps. It also drives the evolution of apps by making them more intelligent and user-friendly. AI-powered mobile apps can learn from the user’s data and make decisions in real-time.

The mobile app development company integrates this futuristic technology to build next-gen apps with personalized app experiences. Let’s go through the top five benefits of AI technology for feature-rich mobile apps.

How AI Benefits Mobile App Development?

  1. AI combines with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) reduces the time to develop enterprise mobile apps. When it integrates with AI, companies can improve the utilization of available resources and increase efficiency. Both AI and IoT work in sync to free up the employee’s bandwidth. When they combine in a mobile app, the companies can get a more secure app with higher efficiency.

The AI and IoT combination also creates a personalized experience. Both these technologies can collect a large amount of user-related data in real-time and the AI can analyze the data to improve functionality and services. The future of mobile apps depends on data security and user experience, and the combination of AI with IoT can help app development companies improve both of them.

  1. Enhances search experience

Text and voice-based searches are already in trend but have you ever experienced difficulty in finding the name of a product that you want to buy but don’t know what it is called? There, the visual search comes into the picture. It helps you find the word of a thing or a product. The smartphone can act as a platform for visual search technology. At times, visual search is more effective and faster than a voice or a text-based search. With AI integration in mobile apps, developers can readily develop an image recognition system. Also, AI provides localization of applications to increase conversion rates.

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  1. Increases security

The biggest role of AI in the mobile app development process is to increase the security of the app and confidential data. Apple has launched Face Unlock back in September 2017. Apple’s iPhone X has an AI-based algorithm for the face unlocking system. Recently, Google has also announced to bring radar-based, hands-free gestures to face unlock. This feature works by the support of AI and in the near future, we will have business apps equipped with this feature.

  1. Enables translation in real-time

The retail and eCommerce mobile apps can make the most of this feature. AI can enable the retail app to translate different languages in real-time for providing customers with a more personalized experience in their native languages. The AI brings a simultaneous translation tool in the mobile app that enables sentences to be translated almost instantly. The tool can also be adjusted for latency. In other words, the app users can set the time lag between a spoken word and its translation. This feature assists the retailers to leverage the benefits of localization while selling products globally.

  1. Improves authentication

With the growing importance of AI in the corporate world, we cannot rule out the possibility of AI-based cyberattacks in the future. This threat prompts the mobile app development company to develop more sophisticated apps with advanced cyber defense features. Here also, the AI technology with Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms lend a helping hand. It not only provides a smooth authentication experience to the app users but also keeps the risk of cyber attacks at bay. AI can also give real-time alerts to users about possible attacks. An additional layer to biometric authentication powered by AI is almost hack-proof. Also, AI algorithms can readily find compromised accounts in real-time and send instant alerts.

AI- Future is More Intelligent!

AI offers numerous possibilities for innovation. The thriving mobile app industry can make the most of this revolutionary technology by changing the way users interact with in-app services and products. Mobile app users can experience artificial intelligence and get a personalized user experience from smarter apps.

Wrapping Up

Modern enterprises can leverage the benefits of predictive analysis with the help of AI-powered mobile apps. A Callsign study has shown that the user preference for app authentication is gradually shifting. This paradigm shift would invite more enhancements in the mobile app development process. AI can play a bigger role in it. What’s more, an intelligent business app can strengthen the reputation of business and entrepreneurs can increase revenue with ease.

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