How Mobile App Changes the Face of Real Estate Sector

How do people find properties today-In newspaper classifieds or by visiting nearby places? No, in this mobile-driven age, people use dedicated real estate apps to search, buy, and sell properties. The on-demand real estate app can make the process of home buying or renting smooth, simple, and seamless for both owners and individuals. What’s more, a thriving mobile app development domain enables real estate companies to come up with futuristic apps that have advanced and user-friendly features.

In this pandemic age, people prefer to visit available properties virtually. Real estate apps with a virtual tour, 360-degree tour and other features make it possible. Before moving to the current mobile app development trends for the real estate sector and major features that contribute to the growth of the real estate sector, let’s go through some interesting facts.

Do you know that 22% of home buyers read newspapers to find a home and 8% asked their friends or acquainted people in 1981? The National Association of Realtors has revealed this fact. Today, over 58% of millennials and 45% of Generation X use mobile devices to find their home using apps. This is a major reason why real estate companies, agents, and builders tend to build a robust real estate app.

On one hand, the on-demand real estate app assists your potential customers to search properties, and on the other hand, it enables you to complete the entire process with ease. Such apps are also useful in increasing market reach and assist realtors to grab new opportunities while expanding their business. Here are some of the highly beneficial app features that provide users a secure and convenient process.

Major Beneficial Features of Real Estate App

Map and Geolocation

An interactive map and a built-in geolocation feature work wonders in the real estate app. The geolocation or location feature shows properties with nearby schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and even potential hazards based on the app user’s current location. The map facilitates the users to see the properties available in their area while driving around or at the comfort of their homes. App users can also find properties in a particular area using these features. On clicking, the property description and pricing can be opened.

Push Notification

Like other mobile apps, the real estate apps can also send instant notifications to the app users related to the launch of new properties, change in price or promotional offers. Realtors can also use this feature to keep their customers updated about the status of a property deal.

Virtual Tour

Immersive technologies like VR and AR along with 3D visualization can enable the app users to get a 360-degree tour of the property. They can shortlist and decide the property through such a virtual tour. It enables app users to get rid of visiting the property physically thereby saving their time, effort, and money.

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Mortgage Calculator

It is a useful tool to find out mortgage rates including insurance and prevalent taxes. It also helps prospects compare different properties they have shortlisted. The mortgage calculator also provides information about the real-time cost of the property.

Advanced Search and Filters

This feature has various filters to find the properties based on listing prices, listing time, number of bedrooms, area, locality, and the like. The mobile app development company can integrate all the necessary filters and customize the search option. The app users can narrow down their search and find the home that meets their needs with ease using this feature.

Calendar and Scheduler

The calendar feature enables app users to see available dates and time slots to schedule meetings with agents or realtors. They can also save possible dates when they want to visit the available properties. The scheduler feature facilitates customers to book an appointment online as per their convenience.

Favorites and Reviews

While searching for the most suitable properties, app users can save their favorites using this feature. It assists customers to shortlist properties and finding a perfect home. The reviews section enables the users to leave reviews so that others can get benefit from it.

Apart from these features, the real estate app can have features like an electronic signature to keep the dealing process more convenient, secure, and swift. The in-app chat or call feature enables customers to contact agents or realtors in the real-time.

Concluding Lines                                             

Real estate apps can create a smooth environment and offer a seamless experience to home buyers and sellers alike. The on-demand real estate app is designed to meet the complex requirements of the real estate sector by using technological advancements in the domains of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). It is interesting to see how feature-rich and advanced on-demand real estate apps will help realtors improve their services while eliminating middlemen.

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