How Mobility Can Keep Your Enterprise Ready for Coronavirus?

Constant news and updates regarding the spread of dreaded coronavirus have kept entrepreneurs at their toes. No enterprise can ignore the impact of COVID-19 pandemic across the world. As the infection spreads rapidly and many countries have started feeling the heat, everyone asks this question- what will be the effect of COVID-19 on the way I work and live? For all sorts of businesses, the coronavirus outbreak poses a serious risk because it affects operations widely.

Thanks to technological advancements, companies can establish contingency solutions like enterprise mobility solutions. Be it remotely working or working from home, smartphones and customized mobile app solutions always enable enterprises to continue their processes. In this turbulent time when employees are forced to work outside of the office, enterprise mobility allows every employee to stay connected with each other. Communication and collaboration are possible through business apps.

However, a robust enterprise mobility policy is necessary to implement this paradigm shift effectively. You need to ensure that every employee is on the same page to accomplish business tasks as per the schedule. Also, it is necessary for you to provide the necessary tools and technologies to facilitate employees to working from home offices for an extended period. Here we give a list of some of the enterprise mobility practices that can keep the risk of coronavirus at bay.

Establish Virtual Workforce

In such a situation, the best policy is to establish a virtual workforce for your enterprise. You need to work on identifying and understanding the ways of working remotely. Customized mobile app solutions can play a crucial role when you want to transform your physical office into a virtual office. Though the amount of work that can be accomplished remotely will vary according to the nature of your business, you can keep your company up and running by establishing a virtual workforce. All you need to define the essential and non-essential tasks.

One of the most powerful ways to prevent your employees from the recent virus outbreak is to limit physical contact between them. Here, the virtual office or remote workforce can change the game in your favor. You can make the most of mobility by remaining connected with employees on a 24/7 basis.

Set up Communication

The core of enterprise mobility is seamless access to corporate data and uninterrupted communication. For any business, irrespective of its scale and size, real-time communication is essential. But then, when your employees work remotely or from their home, you may find it difficult to remain in touch with them every time without using the right tools. Think it this way- how will you hold meetings with your team or employees when they are not in the same room?

Though Instant Messaging (IM) platform is useful, but for many instances, you need 360-degree mobile app solutions to meet all the communication requirements. If your enterprise has both desktop and mobile apps, you need not worry about staying connected with employees. Mobile apps also facilitate employees to give real-time updates regarding their condition and status of tasks.

Simply put, you need to focus on providing UC (Unified Communications) solutions to your employees with higher capabilities of communication and collaboration. Enterprise mobility solutions with features like voice and video messaging, conferencing, and desktop sharing can help your team to stay connected all the time. Also, features like document sharing and editing can be an added advantage while your remote employees accomplish business tasks together from their homes.

Secure Devices

The success of both enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) concepts largely depends on ensuring the security of mobile devices. When you strive for keeping your employees safe from coronavirus outbreak, you need to ensure the security of corporate mobile devices. We just cannot rule out the possibility of a cyberattack in such a difficult situation. Mobile device security is even more critical when your employees are working from remote places or their homes.

You can rely on Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tools to secure mobile devices and ensure data access authorization. Simply put, these tools can help you manage and control access to corporate resources.

Another risk is a loss or stealing of a mobile device. Your business should remain protected against such instances. As location-based and connected office networks are not useful in work-from-home or remote working conditions, you need to install UEM or EMM tools into your corporate devices. These tools verify the devices of users when they try to access your company’s data. You can also introduce authentication methods like fingerprint ID to all your resources. Even simple measures like password protection and biometric authentication are also useful for securing sensitive and confidential data.

BYOD program needs special attention during such a virus outbreak. You need to secure employee devices as well before using them for official work. In brief, whether employees use their devices or company-owned devices, the enterprise mobility strategy should be capable of securing all the devices effectively.

Concluding Lines

This is a difficult time for individuals and entrepreneurs alike. We need to overcome every obstacle or roadblock created by coronavirus while sailing through troubled waters. Proper enterprise mobility strategy can help your business to stay away from all risks and threats of COVID-19. All you need to find the right mobility solutions developer and assign the enterprise mobility project for your company.

Suria International is a Singapore-based enterprise mobility solutions provider. As a reliable app development partner, we can help you minimize the impact of coronavirus to your company with our robust mobile apps. Let’s connect to discuss your project requirements and enterprise mobility strategy. Stay safe. Stay productive.