How React Native Reduces Mobile App Development Cost?

Native apps can act as a game-changer in a highly competitive business scenario. But still, many startups and SMEs prefer to sit on the fence because the native mobile app development process is pricey and requires more time. Whether you want to develop an enterprise app for Android or iOS, it is necessary to consider the cost factor because a user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app demands more investment before giving you a high ROI. Here, cross-platform app development comes into the picture.

Cross-platform apps are not a new word these days, but for those who have no idea about this concept, let me put it this way- both Android and iOS platforms have millions of customers across the world. The cross-platform apps can run seamlessly across both these platforms and enable companies to address a huge audience consists of Android and iOS users. What’s more, cross-platform apps are cost-effective and easy-to-develop, so you can get an advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market).

As technology advances, many cross-platform app development platforms have been introduced. Software giants like Google and Facebook have also launched their open-source platforms named Flutter and React Native respectively. In this article, we will talk about React Native and discuss why it is an ideal choice for developing a high-quality mobile app without spending a small fortune. But, before moving to ‘how React Native benefits your company’, let’s go through the introduction of React Native.

React Native- Excellent Platform for Cross-platform App Development

Created by Facebook, React Native is a robust, open-source platform for developing a cross-platform app with a native-like user experience. It enables the React Native app developers to build a feature-rich app without compromising on the UI and UX. It is easy to build an app with a seamless performance using a single codebase with React Native. Tesla, Walmart, Airbnb, and Facebook Ads are some of the noteworthy examples of React Native-based apps.

How React Native can save Mobile App Development Cost?

  1. Reusability of Code

The biggest advantage of the React Native platform is its code reusability feature. It saves a lot of effort and time for mobile app developers as they do not work hard to write separate code for Android and iOS platforms. It is easy to make an app with the same UI and UX design for Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. What’s more, developers can reuse native components with ease without paying anything to third-parties. It further saves the app development cost.

  1. Rapid development

React Native has numerous components in the library to ensure quicker app development. Also, the native approach of this framework enables entrepreneurs to save approximately 33% of total development cost because they can roll out the apps faster on multiple platforms at once. In a way, React Native can reduce time to market and save costs through facilitating rapid app development.

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  1. Ease of maintenance

React Native-based apps have not to deal with the version change in Android and iOS frequently. These apps act like a native app and use all components of the devices. This characteristic of React Native apps makes it easy to maintain and highly customizable. As an entrepreneur, you need not spend more money on the maintenance of your business app.

  1. Easy to integrate

React Native apps can be easily integrated with other apps and your business system. It minimizes the developer’s effort to integrate the app. Also, easy integration enables the app to maintain performance during and after the integration process.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

As a cross-platform app development platform, React Native offers many native components that bring flexibility in app development. Developers can utilize these components for developing a feature-rich app in line with your business model without spending extra money. Also, the React Native-based cross-platform app can be easily accessed from different devices irrespective of operating systems. Whenever you want to modify the app with new features, it does not take much time and needs more money to do so because of higher scalability.

  1. No need for additional resources

The hourly cost of development is one of the biggest determining factors for the mobile app development cost. With cross-platform app, you need not hire mobile app developers separately for Android and iOS platforms. A React Native app development company can assign your project to a small team of developers and you can get a seamlessly-performing app at affordable rates.

  1. Developer’s availability

This is another major benefit of the React Native app development. React Native is based on JavaScript and developers who have proficiency in this language can readily learn React Native. It is easy to find developers who have expertise and experience in JavaScript. This easy availability can help you get rid of paying high to find expert developers. It reduces the cost of app modification and customization.

Last but not the least benefit is easy testing and debugging. React Native facilitates developers to debug the application during the development stage.

Concluding Lines

Simple integration, single codebase, easy maintenance, and debugging are some of the noteworthy aspects of React Native platform that save cost. React Native makes it possible to build a cross-platform app with native features without spending huge money.

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