How to Develop an eCommerce App that Can be Loved by Thousands?

The E-commerce sector is thriving at a rapid pace by taking the support of a booming mobile platform. People tend to search and order various products using their smartphones, and the eCommerce app development company assists retailers to make the most of this trend. The recent pandemic age has acted as a catalyst in the growth of mobile-based eCommerce because people prefer to stay at home and get necessary items at their doorstep through online shopping using m-commerce or on-demand apps.

Countries like the USA, South Korea, and Japan have recorded over 50% of all eCommerce sales through mCommerce apps. What’s more, a Compuware study has revealed that 85% of users prefer a mobile app as compared to the responsive website. Simply put, it is beneficial for retailers to build an eCommerce app to expand their business, attract new customers, and retain existing ones. Be it online promotion or branding, eCommerce app development is always useful for B2C and B2B businesses of all sizes.

You may wonder, I will develop an eCommerce app, but would it be wise to enter such a competitive market? The answer to this question is Yes. Though competition is high and the eCommerce sector itself is full of challenges, if you enter the domain at this juncture, you can get a high ROI in relatively a short time. When it comes to developing an eCommerce app for your business, instead of “if”, you should think about “what”. For example,

-What should be my eCommerce app’s target audience?

-What mobile platform is beneficial for my eCommerce app?

-What features should I include to make my app successful?

A reputed eCommerce app development company can assist you to find answers to these questions, and you can come up with a seamlessly-performing eCommerce or marketplace app.

Here is a list of major factors and top features to consider for developing an eCommerce app that can be loved by hundreds of thousands of users. Let’s start with the key aspects to keep in mind during eCommerce app development.

Factors to Consider while Developing E-Commerce App

E-Commerce app development is a time-consuming process and needs to put a lot of effort from app developers and retailers alike. A simple yet user-friendly interface and a seamless performance can ensure the success of your eCommerce app.

Here are the three major factors that are taken into account by eCommerce development service providers.

  • User Experience- This is the first and foremost factor to consider. Even if your app is elegant and impressive, it has to deliver a rich user experience to get success. The app users should promptly identify the exact feature in your app. You can take care of text alignment, color selection, and image placement to offer a pleasant experience to shoppers. Also, it is necessary to include things that can convert users to buyers.

  • Value- Every mobile app development company should keep this factor in mind while building an eCommerce app. The app should enhance the value of your brand or company while remaining in line with your business model. In other words, the eCommerce app should be a perfect reflection of your brand in every aspect to enhance the value of your business online.

  • Usability- It is necessary to make your eCommerce app easy to go through or navigate. Usability has a direct connection with the app’s interface. Whether it searching a product or reading reviews, every feature should be integrated in a way that even a second grader can also understand and operate the app. Also, you should keep the checkout process as simple and short as possible.


After going through important factors, let’s make a list of must-have features for every

Essential Features of E-Commerce Apps.

  • Payment Gateway- It’s time to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Which payment method do you like as a customer? A swift and secure one or a complicated and unsecured one. As incidences of cyberattacks keep on increasing, everyone is concerned about protecting their banking information and other confidential data. Therefore, you need to integrate a secure and robust payment gateway in your eCommerce app that offers all available payment options to your customers including credit/debit cards and mobile wallets. Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree Payments are such secure gateways.

  • HD Quality- When we emphasize user experience, it is imperative to provide high- resolution images of products in your app. It’s the image that compels your customers to buy the product on the first site, and therefore, you need to put an HD quality image that reveals the product’s characteristics clearly. E-Commerce development services can assist you to integrate original, HD quality images into the app.


  • Product Reviews- Around two-thirds of online shoppers make purchase decisions based on product reviews. People tend to know what other consumers think of the brand or product they want to buy. Higher the number of positive reviews, the higher the chances of selling that product. Also, it is better to describe the product in a way that enables app users to visualize the product for increasing sales.

  • Product Comparison- As per Google’s Consumer Barometer, 55% of millennials tend to research alternative products online before making a purchase decision. The eCommerce app development company can integrate an easy-to-view product comparison feature innovatively to give users a chance to compare similar products without leaving your app.

  • Push Notifications- Online shoppers just like to stay updated about promotional offers, business activities, special discounts, etc. for their favorite brands. The push notification feature can meet this requirement effectively and provide you a handy channel for promoting business. The interactive Push Notification system enables you to send interesting updates to the app users in real-time.


Apart from these essential features, you can consider integrating unique and advanced features based on the advancements of emerging technologies like AI, AR, and VR. However, integration of such features can increase the cost of eCommerce app development significantly. Therefore, it is better to consult a mobile app development company for adding these features.

Wrapping Up

A successful eCommerce app can take your business to a new level with an increased base of loyal customers and improved sales figures. You can research market trends and the competitor’s apps along with the requirements of your target audience to ensure instant success for your eCommerce app.

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