How to Make the Most of CMS by Choosing the Right Platform for Your Enterprise

Content Management System or CMS plays a vital role in managing data and addressing specific business needs. However, it is necessary to select the right CMS for your business out of several available open-source systems in the market. Before consulting a reputed CMS development company, you should do enough homework and keep the following tips in mind. These tips will help you differentiate the most suitable and robust CMS for your business.

Whether it is researching market trends or business objectives, feature comparison, or pricing structure, you need to keep several aspects in mind to find the right CMS for your business. Here we give a comparison of four highly popular open-source CMS- WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla. The CMS development service providers offer services mainly for these four platforms. Before comparing them to give you a clear idea about their scope, let’s have a brief idea of open-source platforms.

What is Open-source CMS?

Open-source CMS is highly flexible and affordable for your company’s needs. You can easily modify and customize on the basis of your changing business needs. Usually, the open-source CMS is backed by a huge community of active developers and plenty of online resources. The open-source CMS is highly scalable and user-friendly as compared to a proprietary CMS solution. These CMSs are also known as on-premise and hosted CMSs.

Comparison of Top Open-source CMSs

Every CMS (Content Management System) platform should typically have certain characteristics like real costs, technology, enterprise-grade security, blogging, SEO-friendliness, social media integration, flexibility, and customization.

Here is the comparison between the four most popular CMSs.


Let’s start with the most popular CMS- WordPress. It powers 32 percent of websites across the world to date. WordPress has a huge collection of plugins and themes suitable for almost all businesses under the sun. It is an easy-to-use platform with having an ever-growing community of active developers. Whether it is a website, blog, or even web application, WordPress is capable of building friendly solutions for end- users.

It is easy to hire WordPress developers to customize your existing website because most CMS development companies offer WordPress development services. Many brands have strengthened their footprints in the online world using WordPress. It has an eCommerce plugin known as WooCommerce to build a basic eCommerce website for startups. News sites, blogging sites, and websites with static content can be developed through WordPress CMS.


It has achieved the second position in popularity after WordPress. It has over 2.5 million installations worldwide. Joomla is a CMS with more comprehensive features. It is based on a standalone MVC framework, and therefore, Joomla web developers can create unique extensions with ease. They can share these extensions with the thriving community. However, premium Joomla extensions are pricey and many companies simply do not prefer them for websites.

Joomla is a more complex platform than WordPress and poses some challenges for web developers. eCommerce projects, community platforms, and social networking websites can take advantage of Joomla CMS. You can hire CMS developers to get customized web solutions using Joomla.

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Drupal has evolved to a fully-fledged social publishing CMS over the period. It has a flexible and modular layout with better customization. Also, Drupal has more than 36000 extension modules to meet the company’s content management needs. However, Drupal has a complicated backend administration, and it requires coding knowledge to manage or modify the web content. Even adding a module is difficult as you have to install it through a complex FTP process.

SMEs with in-house technical staff can make the most of Drupal-based websites. If you want to build a community platform or a website that has multiple users and visitors, then Drupal is an excellent CMS to consider. What’s more, Drupal is highly capable of organizing complex data structures, and therefore, websites that depend heavily on the complex data can work well on Drupal.


Magento is basically an open-source eCommerce development platform. You can hire Magento developers to build a seamlessly-performing online shop. But, the Magento platform also includes a robust CMS (Content Management System) designed for creating rich content to promote your eCommerce business online.

If you want to establish an online business, Magento should be your choice to develop an eCommerce website. You can consult the best Magento web development company to build a feature-rich online store with an attractive UI and excellent performance. You can make the most of its built-in CMS to boost your business online.

Useful Tips to Choose the Right CMS Platform for Your Enterprise

  1. Make a roadmap through research
  2. Visualize and organize business needs
  3. Check the scalability and customization
  4. Opt for CMS that supports multiple devices
  5. Select the CMS that supports integrations with other apps
  6. Consult experienced CMS development company

These are step-by-step tips to find the most suitable CMS for your business. You can also ask other business persons who have already used CMS platforms to know their experiences.

Wrapping Up

It is fair to mention that selecting the right CMS platform for your company can be a complicated process, but once you find it, you can get the perfect solution for your complex content management requirements. These tips and introduction of the top open source CMS platforms will certainly help you select the right platform. The CMS development service providers and entrepreneurs can help you make a strategy before and after selecting the CMS.

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