Laravel and Vue.js: The Best Combination for a Perfect Web Application

Today, smart and tech-savvy customers tend to browse and shop online through a website or a dedicated mobile app. In such a scenario, businesses need to come up with user-friendly, feature-rich websites and web applications. Thanks to advancing technology, we have several frameworks and technology stacks available to build customized web applications. We usually suggest the combination of Laravel with Vue.js for building robust web apps.

In this post, we will dig deep into the major advantages of Laravel and Vue.js combination from the perspective of a Vue.js and Laravel development company. But, before moving forward, let’s have a brief introduction of both these frameworks.

Laravel- Leveraging the Advantages of PHP

Since its release in the year 2011, Laravel has successfully grabbed the attention of thousands of developers worldwide. As the most popular PHP framework, Laravel has got over 61000 stars on Github from its developers. Laravel has gained ground globally for its security, sessions, caching, and authentication aspects. This open-source PHP framework follows Model-View-Controller Architecture.

Vue.js- Popular Frontend Web Development Framework

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Vue.js is the most loved front-end framework for building customized web interfaces and even one-page applications. This JavaScript-based framework was released in 2014 with the best part of the Angularjs platform. Vue.js has already got the top position in GitHub while leaving React.js and Angularjs behind. This framework is ideal for developing custom web interfaces.

Top Benefits of Laravel, Vue-based Web Applications for Your Business

  • Reactive Apps

Vue.js is known for developing the best-in-class event-driven apps, which enable developers to handle all the activities on the front-end. Vue.js has Composable Components that make the framework a perfect fit for the Laravel framework. Developers can utilize this combination for developing unique and seamlessly-performing web apps. When we combine Vue.js with Laravel, only a few steps are necessary to request data from the existing Laravel app.

A Vue.js development company can easily change the UI of a Laravel app simply by switching components. Reactive event-driven apps can improve user-experience.

  • Single Page Apps

Vue.js is a front-end technology and Laravel is a back-end technology for making the right SPA (Single Page Application). SPA applications work inside the browser and there is no need to reload the full page. All the resources including HTML and CSS load only once in the SPA application. It is because it transmits data back and forth and there is no need to reload pages. SPA apps attract more users as its backend code can be readily used on native mobile apps.

Single-page applications developed by combining Laravel and Vue can cache any storage while sending only one request by storing all the data. What’s more, these applications can work flawlessly in offline mode. A Vue.js development company can create Vue Components and use them in a way similar to regular HTML tags.

  • Improved Security

When it comes to security, Laravel is a highly secure PHP framework. It safeguards web applications from malicious attacks. Malware users pass query data to modify the intent, and Laravel prevents SQL injections with Eloquent ORM. Laravel has built-in Cross-Site Request Forgery Tokens that prevent the web application from any third-party implementation.

  • Migration to Database

Laravel migration enables users to add or drop fields in the database without deleting the existing record. As an entrepreneur, you can plan new ideas and amend new things to the DB structure with the Laravel-based migration. It is also easy to create DB Tables without going to PHPMyAdmin or SQL lite, etc. Laravel database migration can save a lot of time for developers in developing customized web applications.

  • Serverless Deployment

Laravel has a Serverless Deployment Platform known as Laravel Vapor. This platform is powered by AWS. Serverless Deployment enables developers to build and run advanced applications. This functionality saves money in the form of server costs. Vapor facilitates web app developers to create, manage, restore, and scale DB (Database) into a single dashboard. Laravel Vapor is a super-fast platform and capable of handling tens of hundreds of jobs run at once without any configuration. Vue.js-powered apps can utilize this platform because Vapor has a built-in JS utility. Developers can readily stream file uploads to S3 directly.

The Vapor platform offers super-fast load time with automatic upload and serving assets to S3 or CloudFront CDN. Developers can easily manage the entire DNS records of the client’s application by using Vapor’s UI or CLI. Also, Vapor has various functionality like multiple environments, infinite deployments, and quick rollbacks for making enterprise-level apps quick, secure, and reliable.

Concluding Lines

A Laravel, Vue-based web apps have many advantages like higher security, serverless deployment, and database migration. Your enterprise can attract more people and simplify various processes with the help of a Laravel, Vue.js application. All you need to consult a reputed Laravel, Vue.js development company to build an excellent application for your company.

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