Magento Development


We are well and truly in the digital era. The internet, which started off as a messaging and communications tool has now grown to heights previously unimagined. Today, the majority of trade and commerce around the world takes place over the Net via ecommerce websites and online trading portals. Naturally, a robust platform exclusively tailored for this domain is a necessity. Magento ecommerce development is the way to go. With its 3 variants - Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento-go, it provides the user the choice to go in for the depth and features according to his own needs.


Suria International – a leading magento web development company, has a team of specialists ready to guide you through the technical jargon in simple terms and help you choose the best platform for your organization. With an experience of more than a decade, we are the best magento website development providers in the market today. You would be pleased to know that rather than just claiming like all our competitors that we are into magento development, we have invested skilled manpower and resources where it matters. We are also offering our clients a chance at an advanced level of sophistication because we are the only company who can provide reliable and end-user friendly experience which comes from Magento extension develoment and Magento 2 development. Alongside Magento web development, we provide customized CRM solutions and services to maintain dedicated publishing portal.

Hire our team so as to adapt your existing applications into the Magento framework to provide a superior end-user experience to your clients which translates into increased business and profits for you.

With this, we also throw in an off-shore as well as on-shore team at the best rates in the market with the sole aim to provide you 24/7 quality support.

You know what to do next. Call us and fix an appointment to improve the way you do business and rule the online market space with Suria International on your team.