Mobile App Development


Suria International Services Pte Ltd is one of the best mobile app development company in Singapore. SuriaInternational has always been the lead player on your internet services and technology team. Today`s digital age is dependent on mobile platforms for service delivery to users on the move. All user data is either stored on a central server or better still on the cloud. Service providers need to develop mobile applications in Singapore with inter-operatability between various devices as desktop pcs, mobile phones – android or iPhone, android tablets or iPads, wearable tech gadgets like fitbands, watches, etc.

This requires all your apps to be flexible as well as robust at the back-end on the one side, but equally pleasing aesthetically and adaptable to different device/screen sizes on the user interface front-end. It goes without saying that designing best mobile application in Singapore with today`s multitude of device and OS variations is no child`s play. You need someone with experience to steer through the multiple platform requirements. Also, you need to infuse the vibrancy of youthful experimentation to make your app stand out in a world too full with choices.

Who better to assist you in this endavor than the eager and innovative team of Suria International Services Pte Ltd? As an added perk, we offer individual customizations that lend a personal touch to your business or enterprise app. It gives you an opportunity to develop a signature style to all your apps. Now you can make your app your personal style statement.



  • We have a skilled and experienced work force
  • Our team is well acquainted with all the different types of technology frameworks and underlying principles
  • We adhere to a streamlined process flow towards app development
  • We give security and other back-end designing and coding issues given due importance and seriousness
  • Ours is a hands on approach towards solving all problems and queries
  • We have built our reputation over the years as a team player – that puts your priorities first. Reliability, User interface, Security as well as Aesthetics are accorded deserving attention.
  • We also make sure that you don’t pay a penny more than what is absolutely necessary and that you meet all your deadlines before time.



iPhone app development:

iOS is the way to go. We have a dedicated team working towards app development specifically tailored for the iOS. We make sure that the elite feel and the amazing touch features that you are so used to on your iPhone are not hampered when using an app on the same platform.

iPad app development:

We develop bug-free mobile application in Singapore and robust apps that run smoothly on your iPad. Special focus is to make the user`s visual experience pleasing and appealing. This is in-keeping with the smooth and easy-on-the-eye design of the iPad. This makes the user experience of accessing the app on an iPad a seamless one.

Android app development Company Singapore :

Android OS is the bread and butter OS of the mobile market. Our enthusiastic team makes sure that you are offered the best technological advantages that can be gleaned from the Android platform. Backward compatibility, keeping in mind the different versions of Android OS is also a significant factor. Social media, restaurants, health-care, sports, infotainment, news, games…. You name it… we design it.

All your requirements on the android platform will be met, and just to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the features that this amazing OS offers, we guide you through all the options and possibilities.



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