Professional Agency Management System


  • The one word answer to all your “Maid-Agency” needs…

Are you a Maid-Agency? Are you a young startup in this business sphere looking to make a mark and announce yourself? Are you an established name in the ‘Maid-Agency world’ looking to enhance your professional reach? Do you want to scale-up your operations but are always tied up doing mundane management tasks and record-keeping? Suria International Services Pte Ltd has the answers to all your unsolved questions. Behold PAMS – An ERP specially designed for you that serves as your mentor, guide, legal counsel, financial advisor, colleague and subordinate in your business.

The Concept:

  • PAMS is a secure, tamper-proof and robust ERP specifically tailor-made to solve all the nitty-gritty of the Maid Agency business.
  • PAMS is conceptualized as a comprehensive and holistic ERP which foresees any and every possible scenario that may arise while managing a Maid Agency and offers simple, easy and quick solutions for any given problem.
  • It is based on the inter-relationship between the three most important links of the business: Recruitment agents, Maids and Employers.

The Structure:

  • As the owner of the agency, you get a secure tamper proof login id. You can then assign rights and privileges to your managerial and lower level staff. Supervisory control can be imposed on sensitive actions.
  • The manager gets to organize the business in three independent but interlinked verticals: (i) Recruitment agents (ii) Maids (iii) Employers.
  • An employee/maid employed by the agency, gets her salary and dues paid through the payment gateway of the ERP directly to her account. Also, she can access her work details and current placement status, i.e. awaiting employer, assigned to an employer or marked to return to her home country.
  • To the client of the agency, this ERP provides up-to-date information about the prospective maids ready to be assigned to him with an exhaustive profile including photographs, work experience, nationality, work permit status and other various legal requirements at a mouse-click.

Record Keeping:

  • Inbuilt forms to record extensive details about employers - their nationality, home address, passport details, legally obligatory records, requirements, preferences, etc.
  • Inbuilt forms to record recruitment agent details, number and type of maids supplied, contractual demands and status, financial records, etc.
  • Forms to maintain in-depth profiles of all maids employed by the agency, including D.O.B., marital status, nationality, religion, education, experience, supplier, work permit details, etc.
  • Digital storage of MOM guidelines and required legal documents, contracts and agreements between parties, etc.

Tracking employees:

  • Assign current status of a maid, i.e., newly recruited maid yet to be placed, currently employed by a client, free to be employed or to be returned to native country.
  • Link maids to respective recruitment agents and current employer.
  • Keep abreast of legal requirements such as service package, service agreement, MOM – authorization of FDW from the employer, bond between the FDW and the employer, job scope, annex A declaration, WP collation, safety agreement, employment contract etc.

Accounting and Invoicing:

  • Automatically calculate salaries of maids employed through the agency.
  • Collate all data regarding employment period, basic salary, agency fees, insurance, MOM fees, SIP and services, Lodging fees, placement fees, etc.
  • Generate detailed invoice for clients.
  • Reflect the current status on any given date as regards to security deposits or advance payments received.
  • Pay salaries to maids through the online payment gateway integrated with the ERP.
  • Reconcile bank transactions, manage and adjust advance payments, security deposits, as well as post-dated cheques.
  • Enable notifications and alerts for overdue payments, pending cheques to be encashed or any other discrepancy such as a returned cheque, etc.

Balancing of accounts when a maid is returned:

  • Auto-compute the maid`s salary on a pro-rata basis till the day the maid in question has reported for work. Reflect the `amount due` to the maid to facilitate the payment.
  • Issue a `refund coupon` automatically, if the user has any outstanding dues on account of advance salary payments made. This coupon can be used as advance against any other upcoming payments; or alternatively, the refund amount can be issued outright as on date.


  • The ERP provides an exhaustive array of reporting structures and styles based on entered criteria.
  • Cross-reference any parameter with another and get a complete analytical view of the state of your business at any given point in time. These reports can be printed in various formats as needed.
  • Master records of recruitment agents, maids and employers can be imported from or exported to any number of software platforms available in the market.

The Human Touch:

  • The ERP can function on Windows/Android/iOS platforms and can be operated easily through hand-held devices like iPad, notebooks or your smart phones.
  • Automatic Online Syncing feature means your work is secure and in-step whether you work from your office work-station or enter updates while on a business trip abroad.
  • Birthday and Anniversary greetings, friendly reminders, etc. lend a soft feel to this exacting and hard task master of an ERP.