ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which Web Framework is Best in 2021

When it comes to developing interactive web pages and user-friendly applications, JavaScript (JS) has remained the preferred programming language for developers worldwide. Today, all thanks to evolving technology, we have many robust and resourceful web development frameworks available based on JavaScript. But then, it makes the selection of the right framework to meet specific project requirements quite difficult.

Here we are going to compare the two most popular JS frameworks- AngularJS and ReactJS. The search engine giant Google has developed AngularJS and Facebook has developed ReactJS. Both these front-end frameworks support mobile and desktop applications with a different approach. This head-to-head comparison between AngularJS vs ReactJS will help you select the right platform for your upcoming web project.

ReactJS vs AngularJS- Comparing Two Powerful JavaScript-based Platforms

Both Angular and React are highly popular among the developers’ community. However, looking at stars, ReactJS has got the double number of stars as compared to Angular. Angular has 56k stars, whereas ReactJS has over 142k stars. Before digging deep into the comparison between these two frameworks, here we give their history and brief introduction.


It is basically a JavaScript library released back in 2013. It is ideal for developing large web applications with frequently variable data. It offers one-way data binding in a virtual DOM. It is an open-source library developed and maintained by Facebook and a thriving developers’ community. It can be used as a base for making single-page or mobile apps. You can hire a ReactJS development company to get reliable and dynamic web app solutions.


It is an open-source framework to build dynamic web applications. Google and a developers’ community maintain this framework. It enables developers to utilize HTML as a template language. Developers can spread the syntax of HTML for exposing the app’s components clearly. You can consult a custom software development company to make the most from this enterprise-friendly framework.

Google Trends also suggest that ReactJS and AngularJS are neck and neck.


In simple words, comparing ReactJS and AngularJS is like comparing a library and a framework. Though they have some similarities like CSS3, HTML5, design patterns, and object-oriented principles, they are largely different in many aspects.

Key Differences between ReactJS and AngularJS

  • AngularJS is a fully-featured, well-structured framework for building dynamic web apps, whereas ReactJS is a JavaScript library mainly used to build UI components
  • AngularJS is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, whereas ReactJS is based on virtual DOM
  • Angular’s primary language is Typescript and React’s primary language is Javascript

  • AngularJS does not enable developers to add JavaScript library to the source code, whereas ReactJS enables them
  • AngularJS offers testing and debugging for the entire web app project through a single tool, whereas ReactJS needs a set of tools to perform a different type of testing
  • AngularJS builds web applications quicker than ReactJS

Main Features of ReactJS

A few noteworthy features of ReactJS include-

  • It enables developers to use third-party libraries
  • It is simple and composable
  • It is supported and managed fully by Facebook
  • It offers a better user experience and excellent performance
  • It has one-directional data binding for enhanced code stability
  • It has React components for developing customized web applications

A ReactJS development company can give more features and benefits to the ReactJS library.

Main Features of AngularJS

Here are some of the top features of AngularJS-

  • It has built-in support for HTTP, AJAX, and observables
  • It remains updated regularly
  • It has a cleaner and crisp coding
  • It offers enhanced support for handline errors
  • It has Angular CLI for seamless updates
  • It has built-in forms and validation
  • It is a highly efficient and quick platform
  • It has separate UI and Business Logic
  • It is based on HTML

It is better to consult an AngularJS development company to know more about its features and benefits.

Quick Comparison

Aspects ReactJS AngularJS
Released on 2013 2009
Managed by Facebook Google
Type Open-source JS Library Fully-featured Framework
Tool Chain High Low
Rendering Server-side Client-side
Architecture None, Flux-based MVC
DOM Virtual HTML
Data Binding Single-way, uni-directional Two-way, bi-directional


When to Choose ReactJS and AngularJS?

It is better to choose ReactJS if-

  • You want to expand the functionality of your web application in the future
  • You want to make an app with dynamic content and regular update
  • You are okay with a slower initial phase of development

Here are some more reasons to choose ReactJS for your project.

You can opt for AngularJS if-

  • You want a robust framework to kickstart app development quickly
  • You want a well-maintained framework for developing any size of web project
  • You want to build a large-scale, feature-rich application

Here are more reasons to select AngularJS for app development.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, there is no sure-shot framework for developing web pages or a web application with desired features. However, you can choose the most suitable JS framework or library based on requirements, complexity, and your objectives. Every framework has some pros and cons, and therefore it is better to consult a renowned web development company to find the right frameworks from ReactJS and AngularJS for your upcoming project.

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