Readymade Software vs Custom Software- Which is Better for Your Business?

In this technology-driven age, companies tend to integrate advanced software in their business system to remain competitive and expand their reach. However, as technology evolves and market trends keep on changing, we witness the changes in the company’s software requirement. Today, ready-made or out-of-the-box solution are available to meet urgent business needs. Also, the mobile app development company can build a custom software solution with desired features to meet your company’s requirements for a long time.

In this post, we will go through the difference between a ready-made app solution and a custom software or app solution. It will certainly help you choose the right software for your company.

Let’s start with the ready-made or off the shelf software.

Ready-made Software

These days, you can have a ready-made app solution available for almost all major business verticals. Usually, corporate clients who are tech-savvy and familiar with customization and terminology along with the mechanism of the software, opt for the ready-made app solution. Here it is fair to mention that ready-made software cannot design to meet your business needs effectively, rather you need to change your business model in line with the software.

Factors to be considered while opting for Ready-made Software

  • Reduced TTM and Upfront Cost- The ready-made software is easy to install and you can start using it quickly without spending more money.
  • Layout Limitations- It is not possible to get a customized layout in line with your business model.
  • Monthly fees or Subscription- Some off the shelf software charge monthly fees instead of lumpsum one-time cost. Shopify is an example of such software that charges around $30 a month.
  • Specific Technology- The readymade software is built using a specific technology and there is no possibility of introducing advancements of emerging technologies.
  • Support and Maintenance- You may end up paying a hefty amount for regular maintenance and 24/7 technical assistance for the ready-made software.
  • Unwanted Stuff- If you purchase a ready-made app solution from a non-reliable vendor or a less known mobile app development company, then the app can show unwanted third-party branding and promotional emails.


  • Limited Control- SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms do not allow users to see how their files and data are stored and handled. The ready-made software has limited and typical features, and therefore, they provide limited control over internal and external processes.
  • Security Risks- It is possible in the ready-made software that a bug or malware is present or gradually develop. Such ready-made app solutions are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • No Long-term Relations- Personalized experience or long-term relations with the vendor are not possible most of the time when you purchase a ready-made solution. It is like buying a common thing from a vendor like hundreds of thousands of other people.
  • Painful Updates- Let’s face it. Some vendors intentionally bring new updates and themes and force their clients to install them for ensuring the proper functionality.

In a nutshell, startups and even SMEs should opt for the readymade app solution because it is cost-effective and does not require any major planning for utilizing it. It always remains on and acts as a plug-and-play kind of tool. However, ready-made solutions are not feasible for big businesses as they lack flexibility and scalability to match the diverse and complex needs of big enterprises.

Overview of Custom Software

Unlike ready-made software, the custom software is developed by a software development company by keeping your business needs in mind. It is developed once and only for your enterprise. In other words, your customized software cannot be given to other enterprises and the software can be considered as proprietary investments. Mid-sized and large companies having a long-term vision and bright future certainly opt for custom software development.

Let’s take the example of on-demand apps. Most service sectors and major industries including manufacturing and retail prefer on-demand app development to provide their customers with an excellent shopping experience and improved services.

The custom software development process initiates with a requirement gathering and designing while keeping various factors like market trends and complex business needs of corporate clients.  Here are the key aspects of custom software development.

  • Thoughtful Process- A team of experienced developers works on the client’s project with enough brainstorming in every phase of development. In other words, custom software development is a thoughtful process that involves many professionals and the company’s management.
  • One-stop Solution- An enterprise software development company provides end-to-end services ranging from development to deployment and marketing to maintenance of the customized app solution. You do not need to find third-party vendors for adding the desired functionality.
  • Choice of Platform- Custom mobile app development offers two different options- Native and Cross-platform. You can select either Android or iOS for the customized app.
  • Customized Layouts- When you hire mobile app developers or web developers, they can give many options for themes and layouts for your customized software. You can select the layout in line with your business model for strengthening your online presence.
  • Complete Control- The software development company offers complete control over the customized software with complete transparency.
  • Excellent Support- The development company provides excellent technical assistance during and after the software development phase.
  • Extensive Testing and Bug Fixing- One of the biggest advantages of custom mobile app development is a team of qualified QC executives works on finding and resolving issues from your business app. Such extensive testing is necessary for a seamless performance for the long term.
  • Long-term Relations- A reputed software development company believes in maintaining long-term relations with its clients. It is beneficial for better and consistent post-development support.
  • Real-time Modification- Customized software can be easily modified in line with the changing requirements. You can get the benefit of various technological advancements with high flexibility and scalability.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that custom software development can address all the shortcomings of ready-made solutions. All you need to do proper homework about the competitors’ apps and market trends before developing a customized app and select the right mobile app development partner.

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