Top 5 Features to Make Your Real Estate App Successful in 2021

The use of the mobile application has increased from shopping, buying different products to hiring services. According to the research data of Statista, the number of mobile applications downloaded has increased from 140.7 billion by 2016 to 218 billion in 2020. According to another research, every 1 in 4 people use a real estate app search, compare or buy and sell properties online. The Real Estate App Development have made the distance negligible and the properties from our desired location just one click away.

The real estate business is one of the most trending and profitable businesses globally and, with the Real estate app solutions. it has become more profitable the increased amount of user engagement. The availability of Real estate app has also increased cut-throat competition in the market.

According to the latest research, at least 95% of real estate agencies have their web portals and application featuring their properties. To sustain in this competitive market, it is important and advisable to build a website and mobile app. The website and mobile app should be standing out in the digitally competitive market.

Real estate Mobile app development can bring many clients and businesses by dealing with customers directly. Real estate app development can bring many benefit and both users and agencies. it also serves as a viable option for enhancing brand visibility. Thease development cost of real estate app is not much as compared the beneficial outcomes in business due to its presence. The brand of your company serves as a reminder about your services and develops trust towards you and serves as brand enrichment.

How to increase effectiveness of Real Estate Application?

User engagement and brand promotion of applications and agencies with integrated social media mobile app is the latest market trend. Most of the industries are using social media integrated mobile apps to encourage the user, by using this feature user upload pictures and videos, and by doing so they promote the products.

When it comes to real estate app, they should also be user-oriented and user-friendly.The market trend of real estate is shifting digitally. Now agencies can target unlimited audiences and buyers . The developing an application an agency can target and eliminate many issues in the real estate business. According to a recent survey, only 17% of users contracted the real estate agent, 6% visited the property physically .
while 44% of users searched the properties online.

To increase user engagement and stand out in the competitive digital market it is very important to understand the features and key points required to include in the process of application development.

5-Must Have Features in real estate app to make it successful:

User Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most important and desired features of a real estate mobile application. User onboarding can be accessed by a user by doing phone verification, doing authorization via email, or by authorizing via social media account. Users can choose the authorization option as per their choices. This feature makes the signup and authorization process simple and provides convenience to the user.

Listing and database

Listing and database are one of the must-have features in the real estate mobile application. This feature provides a list of available properties, including all necessary details like location, price, etc. Under this property, the user should be able to update their list conveniently buy or sell a property.

The listing requires a huge database and server due to the never-ending available updates. And requirement of updates while listing properties by users. For including listing in the app a vast database is required. It is important to ensure a secure database for real estate app to stop data breaching and maintaining data security.

Maps and Insights

Real estate mobile application provides information of far-sighted properties just by one click. The feature of maps and insights helps to locate those far-sighted locations easy to visit physically. Integration of maps in an application can provide a lot of important information. It can show properties as well as statistics and data related the shortlisted properties, nearby malls, schools, parks, etc.

Property cost calculator

The property cost calculator is a useful feature in real estate apps. This unique feature can be helpful for users to get the estimated cost of properties and choose properties as per their budget. Make sure develop the feature to provide detailed costing. Users should be able to calculate the final estimated amount including taxes, initial payments, loan rescheduling, loan interests’ amounts, etc.

Direct Message and call to the agencies

The real estate application must have the direct message and call facility available that the buyers. These contact agencies directly get the desired details. This feature adds additional value the application and increases user trust, interest, and engagement.

Concluding Lines

These essential features have the power to catapult real estate apps to new heights, transforming your business. Partner with a proficient real estate mobile app development company singapore to craft a high-performing, feature-rich app that meets your business goals seamlessly.