The benefits of ReactJS and reasons to choose it for your project

Maintained by Facebook and a large community of dedicated developers, ReactJS does not need any introduction. As a robust open-source, front-end, JavaScript library, ReactJS can be used as a base in single-page or mobile app development. The best possible rendering functionality and easy, reusable components make it an ideal choice for creating excellent user interfaces (UIs).

In ReactJS app development company, developers can impart the complex UI into easier components instead of working on the entire website application. There is no need of reloading web pages while making changes in web app data. What’s more, ReactJS can be integrated with other JavaScript platforms but it is different than other popular frameworks including Angular. Virtual DOM facilitates the development process by enabling developers to update just the changed portion of the web page quickly.

Here is a list of the top reasons why developers prefer ReactJS for developing enterprise-level applications.

Top Reasons Why Developers Select ReactJS Framework

Thanks to advancing technology, many frameworks are available for developing web and mobile applications with desired features. Here are some of the top features that make ReactJS a preferred choice among developers globally.

  • Virtual DOM- As mentioned above, virtual DOM is a robust feature that helps developers in coding while rendering the elements, components, and data to process. ReactJS converts memory data structures into components for computing the modification and updating the browser. Developers can perform the task with JSX instead of pure JavaScript because of this feature and build sophisticated user interfaces for web applications.
  • Easy and Effective Testing- The ReactJS framework enables developers to browse ecmascript6 modules that can be utilized with Babel and react-di. These modules are simple to test and you can treat them as the present state’s function. Dedicated ReactJS developers can monitor modules from the triggered functions, events. And output.
  • Data Binding and Reusability of Code- These are two significant advantages of the React (or ReactJS) framework. When it comes to Android web app development, the framework supports code reusability. With this, one side data binding and flux that controls data flow from a single point can be utilized effectively.
  • Simple Learning Curve- The ReactJS framework is more straightforward and sophisticated as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. When you hire dedicated ReactJS developers, they can easily utilize normal JavaScript for developing a feature-rich web application for your company.

After going through the key reasons for the growing popularity of ReactJS in the developer’s community, let’s have a glimpse of the key benefits of ReactJS development.

Top Ten Benefits of ReactJS Development

  • Rapid Development Process

Developers can easily utilize individual parts of the app on the server. As a result, you can get a speedy application development process.

  • Responsive Web Applications

ReactJS framework optimizes the regular functions of web applications while enabling to load the relevant data only. It significantly reduces the load time for your app and you get a responsive app with an appealing UI.

  • Higher Support

ReactJS supports a wide range of codebases and developers can easily integrate with the existing or emerging technologies. ReactJS is a JavaScript-based library that can be easily utilized to make enterprise-level web applications.

  • SEO-friendliness

Though JavaScript-based web applications are not favorable for SEO requirements, with ReactJS, it is possible to an extent. It is because of a virtual DOM, which renders data like an entire web page.

  • Quick to Learn

Experienced JavaScript developers can easily master this framework within a day or two. Deployment of ReactJS does not take much time if developers are experts in JavaScript or AngularJS.

  • Mobile App Development

Though ReactJS is designed for developing web applications and single-page applications, it can be used for developing native mobile apps. In other words, React can be used for Android app development and iOS app development alike.

  • Easy Testing

React has native tools for debugging and testing the code. It makes testing your app easy and quick. Also, component-based testing is possible in ReactJS-based apps.

  • Better Response

ReactJS app development framework is rapid in the development process and consists of a responsive library. Developers can make seamlessly-performing web and mobile apps.

  • Reusable Components

ReactJS has reusable and combined components. Developers can either write themselves or find these components in a huge community. It is possible to integrate two or more average components into a single-page application for having desired functionality. Developers can reutilize components many times.

  • Regular Updates

Facebook maintains this framework and its team of developers keeps on bringing new updates regularly. They know what is necessary as per the market trends and the developer community’s requirements. Upgradation of the framework is an ongoing process and the community members extend their help for ReactJS developers to make the most of updates.

Concluding Lines

Business applications need a robust platform and advanced technologies. ReactJS is a robust and reliable platform for developing complex and seamlessly-performing web applications with excellent UIs. All you need to hire dedicated ReactJS developers for your app development project and get a competitive edge over peers.

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