Top Reasons to Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Native apps have appealing interfaces and seamless functionality with user-friendly features. But then, native app development costs you a small fortune. Startups and even SMEs cannot afford to build customized native apps at times. Thankfully, technology has evolved to enable us to build almost the same quality of apps in less than half the time and money. We know it as cross-platform app development or hybrid app development.

These days, we have several types of cross-platform app development platforms available to build feature-rich apps that have the best of both worlds at reasonable costs. Out of all these available platforms, React Native has started gaining fame since its initial release on March 26, 2015. Developed by Facebook, React Native is a robust mobile app development framework. A huge community of active React Native developers.

Brief Information on React Native

React Native is built upon the ReactJS library. A React Native app development company can develop a customized cross-platform app from scratch using this framework. Simply put, almost all major OS including iOS and Android, and every device running on them can easily run React Native-based apps. This framework builds half Hybrid and half Native apps that can seamlessly run across any device right now and in the future, based on popular OS.

Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, and Skype are some of the well-known apps with the power of React Native. These days, many entrepreneurs prefer React Native app development because of its great benefits. More companies have started putting trust in React Native, and in this blog, we will see why React Native is the right choice.

Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for React Native App Development in 2021

  • App Development Cost

Mobile app development cost is one of the biggest hurdles in adopting mobility. Many companies just keep the app development project on the back burner because of its high cost. For example, iOS app development requires cutting-edge tools and Swift or C# developers. It also takes a long time to develop, and as a result, you need to pay a hefty amount as development cost. In a way, native app development costs a lot of money, time, and effort.

Here, React Native comes into the picture. What makes this framework advantageous is the fact that the total development time gets reduced to less than half as compared to native mobile app development. When you hire React Native developers or assign your app development project to a reputed React Native app development company, you can get an app with desired features in a short time that results in less development cost.

When the cost of app development matters the most, React Native can be the right choice for mobile app development in the year 2021 and beyond.

  • UI/UX of Applications

UI and UX (User Experience) play a vital role in ensuring your app’s success from its popularity perspective. React Native is capable of providing a good UI with flawless performance thanks to its JavaScript base. JavaScript has a lot of premade libraries and components for developing engaging UI with exquisite minimalist design.

The year 2021 and the following years will demand a good UI of your business app. JavaScript is a proven technology for making interactive UI, and therefore, React Native framework can assist you to come up with an engaging interface to attract more people to your app.

  • Plugin Support

This is one of the most noteworthy advantages of React Native. As an open-source, cross-platform app development framework, React Native has a library for testing, customization, and even for adding elements. These rich libraries can make the lives of React Native developers easy while building tailored apps with the necessary features. Third-party libraries can make many things easier.

It is possible to link wearable devices, create intuitive UIs, and get analytics using the built-in library of React Native. What’s more, the reusability of code and other features of React Native make the app development process smoother and faster as compared to native app development.

  • RAD (Rapid App Development) 

In today’s competitive business scenario, time to market (TTM) can be a deciding factor for ensuring the app’s success. New ideas need to be implemented without hampering the app’s performance, and the mobile app development company has to accomplish all the processes in relative a short time to give their clients the benefit of reduced TTM. There, React Native lends a helping hand to the development company.

Even expert developers in iOS and Android app development take more time to build a customized corporate app as compared to the same built using React Native. Also, many websites are built on React and it is easier to transit them to an app is easier using the React Native app. It gives a huge plus for React Native mobile app development.

  • Regular Updates

A huge and thriving community supports React Native developers, and the framework brings updates regularly in line with the newer versions of iOS and Android. Since its public release, Facebook strives to update the framework at regular intervals. It is fair to expect that a lot more developers will embrace React Native in the coming years because of its benefits.

Concluding Lines

React Native has an upper hand over other cross-platform app development platforms because of rich libraries, quick app development time, and quick transition of React-based websites and web applications to mobile apps. However, it is fair to mention that if you are looking for performance, appearance, and optimization with high complexity, it is better to go for native mobile app development.

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