Mean Stack Development Company

The mobile platform offers endless possibilities for the corporate world. You can hire dedicated app developers from Suria International to make your business more competitive and customer-friendly. We have an in-house team of highly skilled mobile app developers who can handle any size of the project and develop secure, scalable, and futuristic app solutions.

We have qualified iOS and Android app developers who are well-versed with the market trends and technological advancements. If you want to target the affluent audience of the USA, the UK, and other countries, you can hire iOS app developers. If you want to address a huge audience consists of Android phone and tablet users, you can hire Android app developers from Suria International.

At Suria International, we know what it takes to transform your creative idea into a stunning app using cutting-edge tools. We strive to drive maximum return on your investment when you hire mobile app developers from our company. We also offer cross-platform app development services to get an app that runs across different devices and platforms seamlessly.

Since inception, we have served many companies worldwide with high-quality app solutions. Our cross-platform app developers have hands-on experience of some of the most popular frameworks like Flutter and React Native to build hybrid apps with native-like experience. We ensure quality and performance at a reasonable cost when you hire cross-platform app developers from Suria International.

Wireframe Design

Wireframe is a basic structure to include the informative key-points into a design framework for final implementation. We, at Suria International, take the user needs and development phases into account while designing wireframes for websites. Our wireframe design services can combine content and functionality in sketch-like images or wireframes.

Website wireframe design can act as a backbone for high-quality websites for modern enterprises. We have highly experienced wireframe specialists who can come up with the most suitable framework for your business needs and user demands. They can conceptualize and visualize the whole project while developing wireframes. The result of their efforts is a seamlessly-performing and attractive website.

As a top wireframing design company in Singapore and India, we use the best wireframe tools like LucidChart and emphasize on developing a precise wireframe. We tend to provide our clients aassurance that the web page will meet the user needs while fulfilling the project objectives effectively. Our wireframes offer an early visualization of the project to our esteemed clientele.

Excellent Website Design Company

Your website is not just an online representative of your company, it can be your first impression on potential customers. Even if your website loads fast and performs well, it is of no use if it fails to draw the visitor’s attention. As a leading web designing company, Suria International can help you come up with a website with innovative and creative design.

Since inception, we design and develop corporate websites across different industry sectors. Our experienced web designers implement all necessary techniques to make your website aesthetically appealing. Besides, we offer excellent web development services to make your website ready to promote your company more effectively.

Suria International has a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals to offer end-to-end web design and development services to the global corporate clientele. While meeting the client’s business needs, we keep focusing on overall experience to make the end-users happy on visiting your website. Our goal is to offer the best value web design solutions to our clients.

You can count on us for an interactive and impressive web design. We emphasize on enhancing your company’s online reputation through a well-structured and responsive website. Ease of navigation, unique looks, and seamless performance remain our core objectives while designing and developing a user-friendly business website.

Mobile App Design Company

The target audience may reject your mobile app simply because of the poor design. UI design of the business mobile app has a direct connection with the user experience or UX. At Suria International, our experienced mobile app designers can design and develop intuitive apps by considering all the aspects. Since inception, we have developed many apps that have drawn attention of many users worldwide.

Mobile app designing needs to cover various factors including business needs, market trends, and the end user’s expectations. Our mobile app designers follow the design-driven development approach to deliver user-friendly apps. We can redefine user experiences of your existing app by implementing innovative design strategy on the basis of various objectives.

Suria International is a leading mobile app design company in Singapore, USA, UK. that has passionate designers. We design mobile apps that attract and retain users for a long time. We integrate the latest design trends to meet your business specifications and tempt users. You can hire mobile app designers and developers from Suria International to come up with a stunning mobile app at reasonable cost.

We focus on UI design to offer an excellent user experience. Suria International is your one-stop destination for mobile app design and development requirements. Our mobile application design services are designed to address a growing competition and meet challenges of a competitive business scenario.

Web Design And Development Company

Modern businesses need a strong web presence to survive and thrive amid intensifying competition. A robust website with a rich and pleasant user experience can attract more visitors that lead to more sales. Manufacturing, retail, healthcare, real estate, restaurant, and eCommerce- all industry sectors require customized and dedicated websites to highlight their services or products.

Suria International is a leading website design and development company in Singapore and India. We have an in-house team of experienced web developers who can manage the web project of any size. We have served our global corporate clientele by providing them robust and reliable web solutions. We provide SEO-friendly website development to increase online visibility and improve ranking on SERPs.

Our web development services include portal development and PWA (Progressive Web Application) development to simplify complexities and streamline business processes. Our team of web developers can address your business needs by using excellent CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla. We can build online shops for retailers to boost their business.

We provide end-to-end web design and development services at competitive rates. When it comes to integrate innovative features in your existing website or build a new website with advanced features, our team of developers can come up with innovative and user-friendly solutions.

Custom Website Design And Devlopment

It is difficult to stand out from the competition in the ever-expanding web world. We provide custom website design and development services to enable your business website to get a competitive edge over peers. Suria International is your one-stop destination for high-quality, custom web design solutions at affordable rates.

Suria International is a leading custom website design company with a large team of experienced and dedicated web developers. Our developers have expertise in using all the elements of web design including animation, flash, graphics, and programming to build user-friendly and feature-rich web solutions.

Our custom website design solutions are innovative and made as per your business requirements. We never compromise on the performance of your corporate website. Clean coding and SEO-friendliness are other important aspects of our customized web solutions. At Suria International, we thoroughly understand your needs and study market trends before developing customized web solutions.

Ecommerce Web Design And Development

Full-scale marketplace features, responsiveness, and user-friendly navigation- eCommerce development services aim to boost your business online by integrating all these aspects into an eCommerce website. Suria International is a leading eCommerce website development company in India and Singapore that has served many online retailers and vendors with excellent web solutions.

We provide end-to-end eCommerce web design and development services. Making cutting-edge online storefronts using cutting-edge tools is our forte since inception. We can come up with elegant eCommerce website design for various business sectors and build user-friendly websites. We also develop a robust eCommerce portal to simplify your tasks and meet your business needs.

As a leading eCommerce website development company, we have a team of experienced web developers who can build feature-rich and seamlessly performing eCommerce websites as per your business needs. Our customized web solutions have social media integration, micro interactions, and custom Admin panel to attract and engage more visitors at your website.

We know the value of every page of your eCommerce website. Therefore, our team of developers studies market trends and user expectations thoroughly before initiating web development. We ensure great ROI and enhanced market presence through improved customer services. We use enterprise-grade eCommerce web development platforms like Magento.

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive web applications are identical to native mobile apps. They can maximize user engagement and run seamlessly across all platforms. Suria International, a top progressive web app development company, creates web apps with unique features like offline browsing, data analytics, and push notifications to improve the user experience.

We provide enterprise-grade PWA services in Singapore and India. Our fast, integrated, secure, and reliable progressive web apps can transform your business ideas into stunning apps. You can hire progressive web app developers to come up with customized PWA that can easily connect with the consumers and help your business achieve various objectives.

At Suria International, we offer progressive web app design and development services by keeping the needs of various industry sectors in mind. We serve various sectors like BFSI, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Logistics, retail, and Gaming with top-notch progressive web applications. Faster turnaround times and better ROI are guaranteed when you assign us a PWA development project.

With over nine years of experience in the web development domain, we are in a better position to provide end-to-end progressive web app development services. Our core focus remains on the end- users while developing a remarkable design for ground-breaking web app solutions for modern enterprises.


How about providing your customers with a visual experience of the living world that does not exist in reality? Virtual Reality (VR) technology can do it for you. VR app development services are designed to transform your imagination into virtual reality. At Suria International, our team of dedicated app developers can create outstanding VR apps with an excellent immersive experience.

As a leading VR app development company in Singapore, India, Suria International believes in providing customized VR app solutions that bridge the gap between the real and virtual world while meeting the end user’s expectations. We integrate advanced features of the futuristic VR technology to make engaging and interactive apps.

We carefully study the project requirements and utilize cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine, Blender, and Unity 3D for VR application development. You can hire VR app developers from Suria International to offer a realistic feel to your customers. Our high-quality VR apps can run seamlessly across various devices of the same OS and provide a rich user experience.

We serve all major industry sectors like healthcare, education, entertainment/media, eCommerce, and real estate. Whether developing alluring VR app solutions or customizing the existing VR apps, our experienced app developers can handle any project with ease. We help entrepreneurs engage their customers through enterprise-grade VR app development services.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a futuristic technology that can help various industry sectors to explore new ways to engage people and stay relevant in the market for a long time. Enterprises ranging from manufacturing to healthcare and retail to real estate- can leverage the benefits of Augmented Reality through innovative AR app development and stay ahead of the competition.

Suria International offers Augmented Reality app development services to meet the diverse requirements of modern businesses. We assist various brands to improve customer experiences significantly through seamlessly-performing AR apps. Apart from developing AR-based games for both Android and iOS platforms; Suria International makes highly captivating and immersive AR apps for various companies.

We have a pool of expert and experienced Augmented Reality app developers with a proven track record of creating high-end, interactive AR apps. Our developers can come up with AR app solutions for training your employees or promoting your business. At Suria, we continuously explore new ways to engage customers by integrating location-based tracking, real-time character identification and other techniques in the AR application.

You can hire AR developers from Suria International to make the most of this technology. Our developers are well-versed in using cutting-edge tools like Wikitude and Catchoom for developing advanced AR app solutions. We also provide app solutions for AR glasses like ODG and Vuzix. You can count on us as we are a top augmented reality app development company in Singapore and India.