Six Reasons Why You Should Select Android for Developing On-demand Apps

With over 3.6 million apps in Google Play across various genres, Android OS enjoys a lion’s share in the mobile app market. Recent updates of this amazing platform have kept the focus on the app’s security and enterprise-friendly features along with performance improvements. As a result, today, there are around 125 million Android users in the USA, which was once considered as Apple’s stronghold. As per Statista expectation, this number will cross 130 million by the year 2021.

The rise of the Android robot has attracted entrepreneurs and mobile app developers across the world. Even startups and SMEs also tend to prefer Android OS to come up with their first app. In this blog, we will show the importance of Android OS from the perspective of a mobile app development company. These days, on-demand app development is thriving, and we will make a list of eight strong reasons why you should opt for Android to build a customized on-demand app.

But before that, let’s discuss the rise of on-demand apps.

Why on-demand apps are much in demand?            

Amid the lockdown-like situation globally, people prefer to get groceries, food items, and other household products at their doorstep. It is a major reason behind the rise of the on-demand apps. Today, advanced and feature-rich on-demand apps not only make the user’s life easy but also meet the diverse requirements of food and other items. Sectors like hospitality, courier, entertainment, and retail remain the biggest beneficiaries of on-demand apps.

On-demand apps offer various services as well. Users can get laundry services, courier services, and housekeeping services at their doorsteps thanks to on-demand apps. Uber, SBS on Demand, Instacart, and other apps have set new milestones in the number of downloads on Google Play. The on-demand app development company can also assist startups and entrepreneurs to come up with appealing on-demand apps to thrive in their business.

Let’s find out why Android is a great choice for developing on-demand apps-

Top Reasons Why Android is Preferred Choice for Developing On-demand Applications

  1. Flexible Policies

As compared to Apple’s App Store, app developers and app owners find publishing policies more lenient and flexible on Google’s Play Store. Quick review timing gives your app the advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market). Also, Android app developers need not follow any stringent guidelines. What’s more, publishing on the Play Store is highly cost-effective as it needs a one-time nominal fee. Apple’s stringent standards also keep the rejection rate high on the App Store, which is not the case on Play Store.

  1. More Customization

Android OS is truly open source and promotes customization in Android app development. It is of utmost importance in modern businesses where entrepreneurs have to deal with ever-changing requirements and ever-increasing challenges. The on-demand application also requires frequent updates in terms of features to address the user’s expectations effectively, and the Android platform can fulfill this necessity with ease. App developers can readily customize the existing on-demand app based on Android.

  1. Feature Addition

Diverse features across different devices can be considered as a major characteristic of Android OS. Talking about on-demand apps, such apps need features like push notifications, tracking through GPS, and Maps. Google Maps and other third-party integrations can easily meet such requirements. Android OS can offer more features to ensure excellent user experience with faster modification of your existing on-demand apps.

  1. Robust Notification Handling

One of the major features of an on-demand app is push notification. Therefore, it is necessary that the mobile devices should be capable of handling frequent notifications. Android devices can do so easily and keep the user updated with real-time information. Be it order-booking information or information related to received payment, Android-based mobile devices never let your users miss any useful alert or notification. Also, Android app users can give responses to notifications easily even without opening the app.

  1. Multilingual Support

The on-demand app addresses a huge audience that speaks different languages. Android app development can make your on-demand app ready to support over 100 languages. It can be a great boost for your on-demand delivery business because you can easily connect with people in their languages. Multilingual support also makes your app popular as people like to remain engaged with such an app for a long time. Also, you can integrate Google Assistant to make your on-demand app more user-friendly and powerful.

  1. Huge Data Storage

15 GB- does it sound familiar to you? Yes, we get free storage of 15 GB on Google Drive. The same advantage is given by Android. Every Android app gets 15 GB free storage along with cross-platform support. When your on-demand app deals with a lot of data of consumers and delivery persons, this much storage is like a boon for companies. Also, Google provides a cloud storage facility for Android apps that enable your company and users to get access to important data anytime and anywhere.

Android app development has many scopes because Android OS favors an open network for device manufacturers. As a result, we can see a large number of devices with different features available in the market. In other words, there is an Android-powered device for every user with different requirements. No wonder, if you opt for an Android platform, you can reach a huge audience with ease and grow your business.

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