Task Management System



Are you running a business? Are you a top level manager in an MNC? Does your work profile lend you to coordinating with junior level employees for mundane and repetitive tasks? If yes, then you already know what a hassle it is to assign each small task to different individuals and then keep track of each person. If any one employee in the chain falters, the whole operation is jeopardized and a routine activity turns into a logistical nightmare.

Lets take an example. You are a manger in a reputed firm and have arranged for a meeting with your clients who have come to visit your office. The logistical requirements will be as follows:

  • Asssign a person to receive your client at the airport.
  • Arrange for transportation via a cab or office vehicle.
  • Book a hotel room for the clients to check in and freshen up.
  • Reserve a table for your power lunch at an up-market restaurant in the city.
  • Delegate a junior the task of giving a guided tour of your office complex to the clients while you carry on with other meetings.
  • Ensure timely pickup for them from the hotel to the airport for departure.

Now, this seems simple enough. But you are dependent on junior level office staff and runners to make the day go hitch-free. One small misstep and the reputation of your company is on the line. You certainly cannot afford that your client has to wait for someone at the airport or has to be rushed back to catch his return flight. Also, it would not do if you entered a restaurant and found no table reserved for you.

All these are small tasks but if not done on time and up to the mark, they have a deep impact on your business. The client may feel that your attitude is lax and may not sign that most important deal with you. The cost of a small mistake then turns out to be huge.

Here is where we step in. Introducing Suria International Services Pte Ltd`s TASK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

The TMS is an app developed keeping in mind the coordination aspect between different personnel of the organization. Here is how it works:

We will take the example TMS customized for a Maid Agency to explain its working.

  • The TMS is installed with all employees of the organization.
  • The administrator creates an event on a specific date: for example, pick up a maid -Ms. Jane, from Terminal 1 of Singapore International Airport on 04th May, 2017 at 13:30 hrs. She needs to be dropped off at a client`s home in Main Street Singapore. The office would require copies of the updated and stamped travel documents, passport and visa of Ms Jane for recording purposes at the office.
  • Now, the admin feeds all the required information, i.e, Ms Jane`s id, passport, Visa document no., Flight Details, Airport terminal and pickup and drop-off times and address on the app.
  • This event is visible to the junior level staff/ runners. One of them, say, Mr. John is assigned the whole task. He reviews the information and accepts the task. Now the admin knows it is Mr. John`s responsibility to handle Ms. Jane`s itinerary.
  • The admin can keep track of Mr. John`s movements and real time location via the embedded GPS tracking built in the app. So, at any given point in time, the admin is on top of the situation.
  • Suppose there is a snag and an issue comes up with Mr. John and he is not able to make it to the airport or if the cab breaks down midway, the admin can track it in real time and assign another runner to complete the logistics.

Benefits of Task Management System:

  • Peace of mind for the top level executive. He doesn’t have to call different people and different locations and depend on their updates of what is happening on the ground.
  • Real time updates with the help of GPS tracking.
  • Fixing of responsibility on junior level employees for a particular task in the chain of events.
  • Flexibility for the admin to assign different tasks to different personnel based on their capabilities, rapport with clients, etc and make last minute adjustments so that the plan runs smoothly.
  • Reliability of the app owing to its robust designing means that the admin can trust what he sees on his app screen and take decisions accordingly.
  • TMS can be customized easily according to industry and organization`s individual and unique demands.
  • Increased productivity in business which only means one thing – more profitability.

So, why have you still not installed the TMS on every device of your organization???