9 Things you need to know before building an app

How about taking an advantage of the growing popularity of mobile apps across the world? In this pandemic era, on-demand app development is one of the domains that are thriving amid the global crisis. Entrepreneurs, business persons, and startups want to boost their business through user-friendly apps. But then, the app stores are flooding with new apps added every day, and chances are high that your app might go unnoticed.

When you invest a lot of time, effort, and of course, money to build an app with desired features, it is shocking to see its failure, right? Here in this blog, we will discuss the top things to consider before developing an app to avoid such a failure. Be it a native app development or a cross-platform app development, you need to treat your app like any other business process.  You need to ensure that the mobile app development process for building your app is organized and designed to solve the problems of end-users.

Are you ready to dig deep into the points to ponder before initiating the mobile app development process? Here we go.

Platform Selection- It all starts with selecting the most suitable platform for your business app. Whether you want to go with an Android, iOS, cross-platform app, it is imperative to focus on the holistic UI in line with your business model and the expectations of your target audience.

The selection of an app development platform depends on multiple factors including the budget and demographics of the target audience. For example, if the company has budgetary constraints and wants to come up with an app for both Android OS and iOS, then cross-platform app development is preferable. The choice of app development platform affects the scope and flexibility of your app, and therefore, you need to be very careful in selecting the platform.

  • Market Research- Like any other project, building an app also needs R&D. In-depth market research enables you to get information about the latest trends, end-user’s requirements, and competitors’ activities. Extensive research makes it possible to understand where your competitors have made mistakes.


You can not only avoid such mistakes but also come up with an app as a solution to the shortcomings of your competitors’ apps. It is essential to involve the viewpoints of end-users in your research because a mobile app is ultimately used by them. You can ask your target audience directly and evaluate their demand before making a strategy.

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Keep End-users in Mind- You just cannot ignore the requirements and expectations of your target audience while building an app. The success of your app completely depends on how well you understand the needs of your customers and respond accordingly. How can your app find a place in your customers’ smartphones if it fails to add value or solve their issues? You can also take suggestions from prospects and existing customers. When you are making a roadmap, you need to align your objectives with the end user’s demands.

Choose App Developer- Selecting the top app development company for your business app is a crucial factor. These days, many app development companies offer mobile apps at dirt cheap rates, but there is no guarantee of performance or features in such apps. When you want to build an app for your target audience, you need to find a development partner who gives end-to-end services without compromising on quality. Also, when you hire mobile app developers from the company, you should take their interviews to know more about their working style and dedication.

Justify Reasons- We have a lot of apps available with similar features and functionality. In such a competitive scenario, you need to find out the USPs or justify the reasons why people should download your app. It is necessary to highlight the uniqueness and user-friendliness to give your target audience a reason to download your app. Additionally,  you should keep the focus on the fact that your app remains in alignment with your business goals.

Start with MVP- This is specifically necessary for companies with budget constraints or startups that want to know whether their unique idea is worth without spending a small fortune. MVP aka Minimum Viable Product is a mobile app with basic features and an easy-to-use format. It enables you to understand the essence of the app and the thoughts of your target audience in a precise way.

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  • Determine App Development Cost- This is one of the most important factors to consider before developing an app. Factors like features, complexity, development duration, etc. determine the cost of app development. You may need to modify the feature list after getting a quote from the mobile app development company.


Also, you need to keep some money aside for app marketing and maintenance. Usually, the mobile app development companies do not add these costs in their app development quote.

Think of App Marketing- Amid the growing competition, you just cannot launch your app without proper marketing. ASO (App-Store Optimization) and other marketing techniques can help you get early users who can download your app and give their valuable suggestions to improve its features and functionality. App marketing is also useful to get an edge over your peers since the launch itself. Many mobile app development companies offer app marketing services these days.

Make App Monetization Strategy- Finally, you need to think of a monetization strategy before developing an app. You can either opt for a freemium version or offer an in-app purchase to generate revenue. Also, in-app advertising or a premium version are good sources of generating income from your app. An effective app monetization strategy helps you get a high ROI in a short time.

Concluding Lines

A popular app with a lot of downloads and a higher retention rate can take your business to a new level. All these things mentioned here will certainly assist you to develop an app that will draw the attention of many people. With this, it is always better to consult a reputed native or cross-platform app development company before developing an app to take a strategic call on developing a user-friendly mobile app in line with your business objectives.

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