Top Benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants

Even before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, people preferred to place orders online for their favorite dishes. Many diners, especially millennials tend to use technology for accessing various services of restaurants including ordering and table booking. Today, as the world still struggles with the coronavirus outbreak, it is necessary for restaurants and takeaways to integrate an online food ordering system.

It is fair to mention that no restaurant can ignore the trend of online ordering in today’s competitive scenario. Be it eliminating the slightest chance of human errors in order booking or giving your customers a personalized order booking experience, restaurant food ordering software can meet all the objectives effectively while offering your restaurant an edge over competitors.

Let’s make a list of the top seven benefits of restaurant online ordering software.

Top Benefits of Online Food Ordering Systems for Restaurants and Takeaways

  • More convenience for diners- In today’s fast-paced life, people just want to save time and effort in daily activities including order booking. A readymade restaurant online ordering system not only saves time but also offers the convenience of placing orders in an easy and quick way. With such a comfort and convenience of order booking, your customers will tend to come back again to your restaurants.

Let’s take an example of the US. A survey has revealed that 60% of customers order food delivery or takeout at least once a week online. What’s more, over 30% of all orders are given online in the USA alone. It shows the growing popularity of online ordering.

  • Order in bulk- This is a great benefit of restaurant food ordering software for the customers and restauranteurs alike. As a restaurant owner, you always want to strengthen the bottom line by getting a high volume of orders every day. When you offer convenience through an online food ordering system to your customers, chances are bright that they will place orders in more quantity.

The online food ordering software can enable customers to get rid of standing in a long queue for giving orders. Also, an online ordering software can expand the reach of your restaurants and people can easily search it for giving orders. As a result, tech-savvy customers prefer to give orders to your restaurants.

  • More marketing opportunities- The online ordering system has a digital menu that can be readily updated and your customers can easily go through various items. Also, the restaurant online ordering software has many tools including a promotion engine that facilitates restaurant owners to run a marketing campaign.

You can send personalized notifications or messages to your loyal customers based on their data saved in the software. A reputed Android and iOS app development company can also customize their readymade software with other necessary features to grab various marketing opportunities including a loyalty program.

A study has revealed that regular customers spend up to 67% more than first-time visitors. You can run a loyalty program to get this benefit.

  • No commissions or other expenses- These days, many restaurants tend to join food delivery services like UberEats and Grubhub. However, these third-party food ordering portals ask for commissions on every sale. Simply put, as you become more popular, you need to pay more as a commission.

Thanks to online restaurant food delivery software, you can save big on paying commission by giving your customers a convenient order booking facility. Whether you are a startup owner or running an established restaurant, the restaurant online ordering system can help you save various expenses. What’s more, as many as 70% of diners would prefer to place their order with the restaurant directly while ordering online, and the online food ordering software can help you take advantage of this trend.

  • Bring automation- This is one of the biggest benefits of an online food ordering system. It automates the usual ordering process. It eliminates the need of hiring people for attending phone calls and taking orders. Also, your staff can give more attention to your customers without spending time on phones for taking orders. In a way, the online food ordering software can make your pickup customers and diners happy.

Automation has other benefits as well including higher accuracy in order booking and minimal possibility of human errors. There is no chance of misheard or overheard due to the noise in the dining hall, and as a result, you can serve your customers more effectively.

  • Increased conversion rate- An online ordering system enables you to reach a vast audience that can buy more from your restaurant. During peak hours, many restaurants have a conversion rate of 40% or more, which means that 40%  of visitors can place an order through their online system.

Tech-savvy customers, working professionals, millennials, and other groups of people find online ordering system very convenient, and they tend to prefer such restaurants especially during festive seasons and weekends. In a way, you can get the advantage of getting a higher conversion rate. Also, these classes are willing to spend more on such a convenient experience. It can generate more revenue for your restaurant.

  • Higher spending- As mentioned above, customers are willing to pay more for more convenience. As many as 20% of online ordering customers have revealed that they are ready to spend more online as compared to on-premise orders. Also, your prospective customers can easily go through your digital menu anytime and from anywhere. It provides more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. They can place an order on a 24/7 basis, and as a result, the online restaurant food ordering system increases sales for your restaurant.

Apart from these benefits, an online food ordering system can be easily integrated with the dedicated website or app of your restaurant. The system can fetch the valuable data of your customers, which can be used for branding activities and improving services.

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, the restaurant food ordering software is a technological boon for the restaurants irrespective of their sizes. Whether you run a fast-service restaurant, pizza restaurant, casual dining hall, or catering company, you can get all the benefits from the readymade restaurant online ordering system.

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