Top Ten Mobile Application-based Ideas for Startups in 2020

We just cannot live without mobile apps. On one hand, feature-rich mobile apps can enhance our convenience, and on the other hand, they can help us accomplish daily tasks more rapidly. Whether it is cab booking or table booking in the restaurant, schedule an appointment of a doctor, or order groceries, the mobile app development services can assist various industry sectors to reach their customers online and without any intermediaries.

A brilliant app idea can work wonders amid growing competition in every sector. However, you need a robust and reliable mobile app development company to transform this idea into a user-friendly app. Here we give the top ten ideas to make your startup successful in a short time with the support of a customized mobile app. These days, as the world battles against COVID-19, we can think of on-demand apps as the most useful and successful way to grow your business.

Top Ten Mobile App-based Ideas for Making Your Startup Successful

  1. On-demand Delivery app

On-demand app development is on the rise thanks to people’s growing interest in on-demand services. The advent of Uber and Instacart has transformed the way we book cab and order groceries online respectively. Today, we have many on-demand apps for different on-demand services like gas delivery, courier delivery, food delivery, and home services. The on-demand delivery app development has certainly supported people in getting necessary items or services at their doorstep during the nationwide lockdown across the world.

  1. Mobile Wallet app

This is another popular trend among people, especially in the US and UK. The mobile wallet app enables users to transact money online in a swift and secure way. The rise in popularity of mobile wallet apps is largely attributed to our increasing dependencies on online shopping and smartphone-based transactions. The mobile wallet app can connect customers with the merchants without the interference of middlemen. Secure fund transfer and seamless transactions are the main characteristics of a typical mobile wallet app.

The mobile app development company can come up with wallet apps for cryptocurrencies as well.

  1. Courier Delivery app

If you are an aggregator or want to establish a courier business, then the courier delivery app is necessary for you. It is also known as a last-mile delivery app, and help your customers track their orders. You can also manage your courier and logistics business more efficiently using this app. The courier delivery app can simplify complexities and bring automation to many of your business processes. The last mile delivery also makes your drivers and courier delivery persons’ job easy.

  1. Restaurant Booking app

This is also one of the most popular apps in the category of on-demand mobile app development. If you own a restaurant or want to establish a takeaway, then the food delivery app or a restaurant booking app can be a boon for your business. Your customers can book the table in your restaurant and place an order for the takeaway using this app. You can attract more customers by notifying them about app-based discounts and special offers. You can also manage various activities like table booking, supply chain management, invoices, and inventory using the restaurant management app.

  1. Product Searching app

Retailers or eCommerce business owners can come up with this app. It enables your customers to search for products using their photos. Such a product searching app can engage customers with your business for a long time as they frequently use the app. The search feature in this app can target people of all age groups and you can also involve other retailers to make the feature more efficient and powerful.

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  1. Bike Trip app

This is one of the unique concepts for initiating a startup. A dedicated bike trip app can act as a platform and connect bikers globally. They can use this app as a social media tool to chat, connect, and organize a bike trip. Bikers can also set the destination and ask their followers and friends to join them en route.

  1. IoT Security app

IoT technology has streamlined in modern businesses. However, the IoT network is vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks. You can come up with a dedicated app to ensure the security of the existing IoT network of various enterprises. We will have over 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020, which can be a huge opportunity for your IoT security app.

  1. Disaster Management app

This app is useful for startups that provide emergency services. A feature-rich mobile app can give information about any disaster to local authorities and emergency service providers quickly, which makes it possible to save a lot of people. The disaster management app can help people and governments alike. The disaster management app many not generate revenue, but it can give your startup a new identity with a human touch.

  1. Blockchain app

You can come up with a secure Blockchain-based app to facilitate cryptocurrency-related transactions. This app can generate a steady stream of revenue and your startup can grow with the increasing popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  1. Interior Designing app

As the name suggests, this app is useful if you own a startup providing interior designing services. The mobile app development company can integrate the advancements of AR and VR technologies to give your customers a lifelike, immersive experience. You can show your customers the position of furniture and other items in different rooms using VR technology in the app. Think it another way- what if you do not have such an app for your business? How would you show possible arrangements and various dimensions to your customers?

Concluding Remarks

From promoting business to improving customer services, a seamlessly-performing mobile app can serve many purposes effectively. All you need to hire mobile app developers to make an app that can work for a long time while attracting many customers.

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