5 Kinds of Applications That Can be Developed Using Python

When it comes to developing an app in a hassle-free way, Python remains one of the most popular programming languages among developers. As an object-oriented and high-level programming language, Python supports readability and capable of combining several development components together. These are some reasons why Python was declared as the top programming language a couple of years back.

Let’s go through the major reasons behind the growing popularity of Python before looking at the type of applications that can be developed using Python.

Why Python is so popular?

From code reusability to promoting modularity, Python offers many benefits to developers. Here are some of the key reasons why developers prefer to build an app using Python.

  • Easy-to-understand Code

The syntax is one of the most popular features of the Python language. It has a way of simplifying complexities. Even beginners find it suitable for learning. As a reliable language, Python focuses on code readability, and therefore, it enables developers to use English keywords instead of punctuation. These characteristics make Python one of the best languages for developing customized enterprise apps.

With Python, developers can easily finish and execute all programs faster than the same with other programming languages. Also, when it comes to modifying or customizing the existing app, Python developers can do it without putting in extra effort.

  • High Compatibility

Python is highly compatible with all major operating systems including Android and iOS. Python interpreters can be used to run the code across all the platforms and tools. With Python, it is possible to run the same code across various mobile platforms. What’s more, Python facilitates developers to check the impact of changes in the code instantly.

  • Robust Library

Python has a standard library that gives this language an edge over other programming languages. Developers can select modules from a wide range as per their requirements from this standard library. Every module enables developers to add customized functionality later in the app development process without adding extra code.

  • Big Data Support

Python has a huge number of libraries to work on Big Data, an emerging technology. Python developers find it easy and quick to code for big data projects as compared to other programming languages. In a way, the Python language can enable developers to make advanced apps.

These days, several Python-powered frameworks are available for developing enterprise-grade apps. These frameworks include Django, Flask, Pyramid, and Web2Py. Here are the types of apps that can be built using Python.

Types of Apps Built Using Python Language

  • Blockchain Apps

Blockchain is one of the most popular trends of this decade. It has taken the corporate world by storm. As a very understandable language, Python facilitates developers to build blockchain applications. With this, Python is useful for developing command-line applications or console applications.

  • Audio-video Apps

Python web app development company can make various types of audio and video applications. Python can easily analyze audio and video content available on the Internet. Some Python libraries like PyDub and OpenCV can assist developers to make such apps. YouTube itself is powered by Python.

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  • Gaming Apps

You must have heard of Battlefield 2, right? This super engaging game is created using Python. It integrates Python for all of its functionalities and add-ons. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean game was also written in Python language. Python gives the facility to create a rapid game prototype. Python game development is also useful in creating game designing tools like dialog trees and level designing.

  • System Administration Apps

Python is known for creating system administration apps and developers can easily communicate with the operating system via the ‘os’ module. Developers can also interface with the OS on which Python is running. Python has the capability to manage hundreds of thousands of tasks every time, and therefore, it is useful for developing system administration applications.

  • Machine Learning Apps

It is a rising tech trend to enable entrepreneurs to make insightful and intelligent decisions in real-time. Python, with its Pandas and Scikit libraries, enables developers to build Machine Learning apps. Both these libraries can be used under GNU license, and developers who have insights of Python can create machine learning apps with the help of these libraries.

  • E-Commerce Apps

As a reliable and advanced programming language, Python supports practical agility. This characteristic enables this language to develop numerous types of applications including ERP and eCommerce apps. Odoo, a multipurpose software is written in Python, and it provides a useful suit of business management apps.

Apart from these apps, a Python web app development company offers services like web and software development, automated testing, and web crawlers or Spiderbot development. Some top apps including Instagram, Uber, Dropbox, and Spotify are developed using the Python language.

Concluding Lines

Python offers quick and flexible app development. This robust and versatile platform can create various types of applications with ease. If you want to build an app to meet your business needs in the best possible way, then Python-based frameworks can be useful. Therefore, many developers and web development companies prefer Python to other languages.

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