Augmented and Virtual Reality


TeamSuria believes in innovation and staying ahead of the competition to have a decisive edge in the IT and ITES sector. In keeping with this intrinsic nature of ours, we have trained a highly skilled team of technicians to provide you with the best there is to offer in the AR and the VR space.

Augmented Reality, as you know, enriches the consumers’ interaction with the outside world. From improving their shopping experience over an app or in the store to providing them additional details about an artefact at a museum or statistics about players and the game that they are watching live at a stadium. The possibilities of applications of AR are limitless. A potential buyer can bring that favorite sofa of his into his living room and ‘see’ if it is the ideal fit instead of actually purchasing it and lugging it all the way to his home before finding out that ‘its not just right’. If you are the owner of the furniture store, this next-gen service that you are offering to your clients will help them make the right decision sooner. This translates into an X factor for your customer service department which in turn brings in more clients through the genuinely positive feedback of your existing clients.


Virtual Reality, on the other hand, takes the help of VR headsets to give the end user a 360 degree experience of a place or an event far removed from his actual location. He can be seated in his chair at home and at the same time experience being in the cockpit of an F16 fighter jet, or he could enjoy a serene walk on your favorite beach while still in the city. As a real estate developer, having a VR experience for your clients will help them walk through your upcoming scheme and help convert tentative responses into firm confirmations and sales. As a game developer, employing VR will attract the maximum number of new gamers looking for the near ‘real experience’ of participating in the game, not just controlling a joystick.

These are just a couple of examples where AR and VR can boost your sales. As for how it can be beneficial to your particular business, the sky is the limit as both these technologies are highly adaptable to any environment and can be scaled as required.

Needless to say, if you are an entrepreneur, today is the right time to invest in these technologies and incorporate them within your app/website and any online presence. These technologies are knocking at our doorstep. It is up to us to explore and utilize its potential to the best of our advantage.

With Team Suria at your side, we assure you that you will be the best placed to drive home the benefits from these emerging technologies.