Why MEAN Stack is the Most Preferred Choice for Web & Mobile App Development?

In this digital era, the importance of customized web and mobile apps has increased significantly. But as competition intensifies, it is necessary for companies to come up with feature-rich apps to match world-class standards and attract more people. Therefore, if you want to develop an app from scratch, the website development company needs to use a consistent software stack. All you need to have the right set of tools, resources, and a standardized development process to build a customized and user-friendly application.

MEAN stack is such a stack that can meet your business needs effectively while offering the benefits of advancing technology in customized web and mobile apps. MEAN acronym stands for MongoDB (a database), Express (backend framework), AngularJS (Front-end framework), and Node.js (backend runtime environment). Though all these four technologies were developed separately, they form one of the strongest technology stacks together as MEAN stack. 

Every reputed AngularJS development company and Node.js development services provider offer MEAN stack technology. Let’s understand why MEAN stack is ideal for a web app or mobile app development project. But, before moving to the benefits of the MEAN stack, let’s go through the importance of its various technologies. 

Importance of MEAN Stack for Web and Mobile App Development

JavaScript binds all four technologies in the MEAN stack. Here are the key features that make this technology stack highly popular among developers and entrepreneurs alike. 

Same Language

A significant advantage of the MEAN stack is its utilization of a single language—JavaScript—for both front-end and back-end development. This cohesion streamlines coding practices, enabling developers to write clean, consistent code. Node.js manages server-side tasks, while AngularJS facilitates client-side development. This unification also promotes code reuse from backend to frontend, enhancing efficiency in development.


When companies hire MEAN stack developers, they need not go for hiring multiple developers, because MEAN stack includes all the aspects of development, and the team of Java developers can do a better collaboration for accomplishing the web and mobile app projects on time. This can enable companies to save bucks on app development costs and developers’ charges on an hourly basis. In a way, MEAN stack development remains cost-effective for the companies. 

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MongoDB Advantage

MongoDB, a part of the MEAN stack, serves as a robust database system capable of handling large data volumes efficiently. Its flexibility allows for easier field additions compared to other databases. MongoDB’s document model database is versatile across various applications, operating akin to an object in object-oriented programming languages.

Utilization of JSON

The JSON format is useful for interchanging data across different layers. JSON facilitates data conversion during the client-side and server-side interaction, and developers need not use any libraries for the same. Also, JSON enables MEAN stack developers to work with external APIs. 

Node.js and AngularJS

Both these JavaScript-based frameworks are highly useful for developing user-friendly, customized web solutions. Node.js, a runtime environment, works as a web server for backend development. AngularJS, on the other hand, is useful for front-end development. With MEAN stack development, you can have a web server included in the form of Node.js in the app itself.

Also, all the technologies used in the MEAN stack are free-to-use, which means that if you want any customization in your app in the future, you can do so without spending a small fortune. The MEAN stack development company can modify your app with ease at any point in time.  

Let’s go through the key benefits of the MEAN stack for web and mobile app development. 

Top Reasons to Choose MEAN Stack for App Development Project

Here is a set of MEAN stack benefits that makes it a preferred choice for web and mobile app development services

Saves Time

High flexibility, easy switching, and quick real-time changes can save a lot of development time using the MEAN. What’s more, the MEAN stack has an infinite set of module libraries for Node.js that developers can use at any time. Therefore, there is no need to develop such modules from scratch, and developers can save a lot of time by skipping this process. 

Real-time Web Apps

Compared to other technologies available, the MEAN stack is preferable for developing real-time web apps. An AngularJS development company can build single-page applications using the AngularJS platform. In the MEAN stack, it is easy to make real-time changes during the development because of the availability of AngularJS and Node.js. 


MEAN stack development is fast and enables developers to make use of Node.js as the web server. With the combination of AngularJS and Node.js in the same platform, it is easy for developers to switch between the client and server. Also, the MEAN stack enables developers to get rid of using a LAMP stack or Apache and save development time. 

Open-source stack

MEAN stack development companies can go ahead with the development process with the help of public repositories and libraries available online. Various open portals and a huge community of dedicated MEAN stack developers are ready to resolve queries related to the development and deployment of MEAN applications. It is possible because the MEAN stack has open-source technologies. 

Key Drawbacks of MEAN Stack

Every technology stack has pros and cons, and the MEAN stack is no exception! Though MEAN stack is highly popular, it has got support less than PHP, Apache, and MySQL. Also, the lack of documentation makes customization in MEAN a little difficult as compared to Ruby or LAMP. The software giant Google offers a framework and runtime environment to the MEAN stack, but it is still considered a vulnerable stack for data breaches. With having more than 10 years of old core architecture, the MEAN stack remains the main target for the hacker.

However, a reliable and reputed MEAN stack development company can overcome these cons by following the standard practices and using cutting-edge tools for development. 

Concluding Lines

MEAN stack offers the benefits of the top JavaScript technologies and a robust database for customized applications. Some of the highly popular companies like Netflix, the New York Times, and PayPal have put trust in the MEAN stack for their dedicated apps. With a single layer present, it is easy to develop and deploy an app in the MEAN stack. An AngularJS or Node.js development company can also provide MEAN stack development services.

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