Why Node.js is Perfect for Enterprise App Development platform?

Amazon, eBay, Uber, and Netflix- all these top brands rely upon Node.js for having user-friendly applications with rich features. As the largest open-source cross-platform development framework, Node.js witnesses over 15 million downloads every month worldwide. It streamlines the mobile app development process effectively, and therefore, developers consider it as a preferred platform for developing enterprise-grade apps.

Node.js- Important Framework for Web and Mobile App Development

LinkedIn was the first company that has used this framework for building the backend of its mobile app. As an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-based runtime environment for developing customized web and mobile apps, Node.js has replaced the traditional request-response-based standard. This framework enables mobile app developers with sufficient knowledge of JavaScript to make custom apps that can run across both web and mobile domains.

Node.js has gained around 50% popularity in the category of “Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” in the recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey. This robust framework is accountable for almost 58% of the world’s total development time. As compared to other Java-based applications, Node. js-based apps can be built twice as fast thanks to 33% fewer lines of code. The framework meets the complex requirements of modern enterprises while developing web or mobile apps.

Let’s dig deep into the top reasons why Node.js is an ideal choice for enterprise app development.

Why Node.js is the Right Platform for Developing Enterprise Apps? 

High Scalability

Node.js is a highly scalable platform and enables developers to use the same language in front-end and back-end development. Features like the cluster module can enhance the scalability of the framework, and a PM2 process manager tool can make the development process quick and easy for developers.

Rapid & Asynchronous Processes

Node.js is famed as a rapid app development framework. It works on the v8 engine of Google and enables app developers to compile JavaScript code into machine language. Also, the framework has many advanced tools to increase the speed of enterprise app development. As a lightweight, event-driven, and asynchronous platform, Node.js can make an app capable of managing multiple requests simultaneously.

Capability for Developing Cross-platform Apps

This is one of the biggest reasons for selecting Node.js app development. Dedicated Node.js developers can build cross-platform apps from scratch on platforms like NW.js or Electron. They can also reuse some of the web app code to make desktop versions of your enterprise app. Most Node.js developer tools are cross-platform, and there is no need to learn any other technology to develop cross-platform apps using the Node.js platform. Developers can use tools on their Mac or even Windows laptops. What’s more, they can make a desktop app for Windows while using a Mac and vice versa.

Long-term Version Support

Node.js is known for offering version support for a long time. For example, version 8 came in late 2017 and remained active till April 2019. Similarly, its latest version Node.js 10 arrived in May 2018 and the framework still supports it. In other words, all the major Node.js versions remain active at least for one and a half years along with the year-long maintenance mode. Such long-term support makes Node.js a preferred platform for enterprise app development.

Also, Node.js developers can get support from a huge and thriving community of active developers. Many developers dedicatedly work on Node.js projects worldwide, and they can provide solutions for coding or development process-related issues on Github.

Node Package Manager (npm)

The enterprise version of npm addresses the growing privacy and data security concerns effectively. A Node.js app development company can install, update, and utilize the modules using npm. It enables developers to get rid of writing the common features in the app. The enterprise version of npm also enables app owners or entrepreneurs to store data in the cloud, and the npm infrastructure can run behind the firewall securely. The Node Package Manager can also replace any unsafe code from the app to ensure app security.


Node.js has reusable RESTful APIs that make it the right platform for developing enterprise-grade apps. The platform focuses on RESTful APIs to build high-end applications. When you hire developers for Node.js app development, they can easily connect these APIs to the backend. In other words, RESTful APIs enable developers to come up with software that can manage large volumes of data for big enterprises.

What’s more, Node.js is a relatively simple platform with an easy learning curve. Developers with adequate knowledge of JavaScript can build customized apps using this framework with ease.

MVP Development

Node.js is an ideal framework for MVP development. It offers microservices to enable developers to break the Node.js app into smaller pieces. It makes the life of Node.js developers easy by offering quick development and modification of an MVP or even the enterprise app conveniently. Node.js development company can integrate various technology stacks into the MVP or app by using microservices.

Simply put, startups and SMEs can get an MVP quickly and cost-effectively with the help of the Node.js platform.

Concluding Lines

Node.js development is here to stay for building complex and cross-platform enterprise apps. When it comes to development, Node.js offers many benefits including limited code requirements and rapid app development. You can consult a reliable Node.js development company to know more benefits of this amazing and robust framework.

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