Why Should Mobile App Startups Choose Flutter?

Flutter needs no introduction! Since its initial release in May 2017, it has continuously gained traction among app developers and business persons alike. Robust support from Google, an ever-growing community of dedicated developers, and rich features have made Flutter app development a preferred choice for many enterprises globally.

Google has developed this platform on Dart programming language to build cross-platform apps that can seamlessly run on Android and iOS. Flutter has a lot of potential to build powerful and flawless mobile apps.

Talking about its business benefits, Flutter is an open-source cross-platform app development platform that advances continuously. The framework is capable of developing a feature-rich and future-ready app in a cost-effective way as compared to native app development.

Startups and SMEs can make the most of this reliable platform to grow their business. Before moving to the beneficial factors of Flutter for mobile app startups, let’s go through its major advantages from the mobile app development perspective.

Key Advantages of Flutter App Development

  1. Reduced app development cost

Flutter enables app developers to build Android and iOS apps at once. As a simple and easy-to-understand platform, Flutter takes a little time to build an app. Therefore, app development cost in Flutter is lesser than that in Android app development and iOS app development. Also, Flutter offers a rich library with predesigned tools and readymade widgets that developers can use easily to make an enterprise app in line with the client’s business model.

  1. Lower TTM

Flutter enables developers to build an app for Android and iOS using a single codebase. Therefore, Flutter apps take less time in testing and bug fixing. What’s more, the ‘Hot Reload’ feature enables developers to see the changes in the app instantly. Altogether, Flutter apps can be developed and deployed rapidly. It gives you an advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market) and you can stay ahead of the competitors who are yet to launch their apps.

  1. Ease of development

When you hire Flutter app developers, they can easily build a customized app for your business using a single codebase. The platform is easier than many other cross-platform app development frameworks available in the market. Also, Google has brought Material Design for Android apps and Cortana for iOS apps to make the app development process quicker and easier. Developers can build a feature-rich app in Flutter without putting extensive effort.

  1. Efficient platform

Flutter is a highly efficient platform that can build complex business apps with ease. Developers can wrap up things quickly and focus on creativity as the app development time gets reduced significantly. Flutter is also capable of modifying the existing business app with desired features.

Small and mid-sized businesses as well as startups can leverage the benefits of enterprise-grade mobile apps with the help of Flutter framework. Here are some of the major advantages of Flutter for startups and SMEs.

How Flutter Benefits Startups and SMEs

  1. Mitigating Cross-platform App Development Challenges

React Native and Ionic are two popular cross-platform app development frameworks. But, Flutter has shown its potential for developing cross-platform apps with desired features and complexity. Also, Flutter is the right platform for MVP development.

It is fair to mention that Flutter has bridged the gap between cross-platform and native app development while offering improved user experience. Startups can boost their business quickly with the help of Flutter-based user-friendly apps.

  1. Enhancing Productivity by Supporting Entrepreneurship

Another major advantage of Flutter apps is they increase efficiency and enhance productivity. Startups face major hurdles in terms of efficiency and flexibility due to budget constraints.

Flutter apps, with their high scalability, contribute to addressing these hurdles effectively. Flutter apps assist entrepreneurs or startup owners to maintain a continual approach while providing improved services to their customers.

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  1. Firebase-supported Backup for Additional Security

Firebase, supported by Google, backs the Flutter platform in meeting cloud storage requirements. Firebase offers strong cloud storage, database management services, hosting, and other services as a backend to enable Flutter app development to build a secure yet scalable app. Flutter app developers can utilize Firebase to keep the app ready for future requirements.

  1. Futuristic Framework with Support for Fuchsia OS

Experts are of opinion that Google works on a futuristic platform known as Fuchsia OS. Flutter app developers can rejoice because this OS is based on Flutter. Though Fuchsia OS is still in the development phase, we cannot rule out its similarity with Flutter along with its support.

What’s more, Flutter is capable of supporting the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, which is already integrated into the system of many enterprises worldwide. For these reasons, there is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter is a future of mobile app development and startups can remain ready for the future with Flutter apps.

Concluding Lines

Flutter app development will evolve to meet challenges and the end user’s expectations over the period. You can run your mobile app-based startup successfully using this platform because as a cross-platform app development framework, Flutter offers many benefits to startups in a cost-effective way. Flutter can provide a robust and reliable app solution to ensure the growth of your startup while meeting diverse business needs.

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