WWDC 2021- What Apple Brings for Us This Year

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or commonly known as WWDC, announced exciting new features that will improve the Apple ecosystem much better than before. These announcements include first looks at iOS 15, big improvements to FaceTime, the new macOS Monterey, and more.

The app development company of Apple is introducing features which are never seen before. These changes will simplify the work and provide ease to its users.

Here are the most important announcements:

  • iOS 15 for iPhones
  • Virtual sharings
  • Copy and paste image texts
  • Digital space for your IDs
  • Multitasking widgets
  • Privacy updates
  • Siri upgrades
  • Simplifying the process of health monitoring
  • AirPods improvements
  • iCloud updates
  • watchOS 8 for Apple Watch
  • Third-party Accessories with Siri
  • macOS Monterey for Macs
  • Safari features
  • Test Flights for developers


iOS Improvements to FaceTime and Notification Updates

The WWDC announcements include iOS 15, which will bring various improvements to FaceTime with a new “SharePlay” feature. SharePlay brings a feature named spatial audio. These include a new look for notifications, updates to Memories in Photos, sharing media with people virtually on FaceTime, a new design to the weather app, and much more.

 Music and Video Sharing during FaceTime

Apple’s developers build an app, “SharePlay,” that lets you enjoy listening to or watching content virtually with others. Apple also introduced a SharePlay API for other developers that will help them build an app that supports this feature.

 AI that can read texts in your Photos

Now your phone can read texts of any photo and let you copy and paste the texts from photos. You can ask your phone to call a number that is printed in the photo. Apple named this feature “on-device intelligence.”

 Store your IDs Digitally

You can now store your ID in a digital form using Apple’s Wallet feature. You can use these IDs for the identification process at US Airports.

Changes to Multitasking and Homescreen Widgets

Apple’s iPad 15 will let you add widgets to your phone’s home screen so that you can access the app library, which debuted with iOS 14. It also introduces improvements that make it easy for users to manage apps, multitask and build an app with Swift Playgrounds.

 New Welcome Privacy Feature changes to Mail and Safari.

The WWDC announces some privacy updates that include blocking track pixels with Mail Privacy Protection from Apple Mail. Announced another privacy update, Safari will now hide IPs and launching a new feature called “App Privacy Report.”

Siri works without the Internet.

Siri now will accept audio requests without the Internet, i.e., it will process audio requests on the device. Voice will not be sent over the web, but Siri will work with Speech recognition.

Monitor Health of your Family

You can now keep a check over the health of your closed one with Apple. It will be easy for users to share health data with their families and healthcare workers with accuracy.

 Improvements in Airpods

Apple is creating some changes with AirPods that will help users find them easily using the Find My Network system. It will also work on the ability of AirPods to improve notification announcements.

 iCloud updates

A new feature to iCloud will help you hide your mails, and this will not cost you an additional price if you are already an iCloud-paid user. The privacy of your emails will be improved and advanced with this iCloud update.

WatchOS 8 Health Feature

Apple’s WatchOS 8 is coming up with a new health feature that will include various improvements in the photos of the watch face under a new Mindfulness app.

Third-party Accessories with Siri

Apple announced a new change with Siri during its WWDC. Now Apple allows third-party accessory makers to add Siri to their devices. Apple presented it on an Ecobee thermostat during WWDC.

macOS Monterey allows users to use the same keyboard for iPads and mac

The biggest upcoming release of Apple is Monterey. Users can now use the same mouse and keyboard too for their mac and iPad. The shortcut app will also be released for mac. Monterey will come with improvements for SharePlay, FaceTime, and Focus statutes.

New Tab design for Apple Safari

The app development company of Apple is redesigning Safari with a new and interesting tab design. The tab bar on iOS will be now at the bottom of the screen to make it convenient for users. Apple is also going to release web extensions for iOS and iPads.

Testflight to mac for developers

Apple not only works for the user but also takes into consideration the needs of developers. And for that, it released a feature that will help the developers test their apps on mac. Apple announced Xcode Cloud, helping developers to test apps across all Apple devices in the cloud.

These are all the major announcements from Apple. It’s interesting to see how these announcements will be implemented into iOS app development.

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