Your Handy Guide to Estimate On-demand Delivery App Development Cost

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay at home amid movement restrictions, shutdowns, and nation-wide lockdowns. All the industry sectors have affected badly in this corona age, except for the on-demand delivery business. Be it GrubHub and UberEats or Instacart and Walmart Grocery, all these companies have witnessed a surge in sales during this time. People prefer to order groceries, food, and other necessary items from home using a mobile app and get delivery at their doorsteps. This trend is here to stay, and therefore, many companies have started opting for on-demand delivery apps.

Whether you own a startup or run a small to mid-size business, the on-demand app always remains beneficial for your business. A reputed on-demand app development company can help you come up with a seamlessly-performing app in line with your business model. Do you want your business to survive and thrive in this troubled time? Well, an on-demand app can be your robust option to grow business by attracting more people.

The on-demand Uber model gains ground in every sector ranging from hospitality to healthcare and retail to home services. The US-based consumers spend over $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy. You can make the most of the on-demand economy by having a user-friendly app. But then, it is necessary to consider the on-demand delivery app development cost while opting for such an app. Here we give you useful information to estimate on-demand delivery app development cost.

But, before moving to the cost factor, let’s start from scratch and go through the key aspects you should keep in mind while opting for an on-demand delivery app for your company.

How to Make Strategy for a Successful On-demand App?

It is better to study your business model and market trends. You should do extensive research on the preferences, requirements, and expectations of your target audience. You can also check out your competitors’ on-demand apps before making a list of necessary features and functionality. Furthermore, you should strengthen your delivery network and make a complete roadmap before opting for an on-demand app. It is because even if your app works well, a poor delivery network can hurt your business.

Finally, you should consult a reputed mobile app development company to finalize the strategy, discuss the scope, and make a list of major features.

The on-demand delivery model is way better than traditional delivery methods. Here are some of the major business benefits of an on-demand delivery method.

How On-demand Delivery Method Benefits Your Business?

Here are the ways through which the on-demand delivery model can help your company to grow.

  • Mobile-friendly user experience through a dedicated app
  • Quick and safe delivery of products and services
  • More cost-effective for your consumers because of the absence of middlemen
  • Secure payment options that enhance people’s trust in your business
  • 24/7 Connectivity and customer support

The on-demand delivery app can bring automation and digitization in your business. Let’s have a glimpse of the necessary features for an on-demand delivery app.

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Which are the Key Features of On-demand Mobile Apps?

The on-demand delivery apps have three parts- customer app, delivery person app, and admin app. All these sections have different features to make the entire delivery process seamless and customer-friendly. Here we mention some of the must-have features for your on-demand app-

  1. Registration/login
  2. Search and Filters
  3. Placing Orders
  4. Accepting or Rejecting Orders (Delivery Person App)
  5. Price Calculation
  6. Real-time Tracking of Orders
  7. Maps and Navigation (Delivery Person App)
  8. Payment Gateway
  9. Delivery Confirmation
  10. Review and Rating
  11. Digital Wallet
  12. Order History
  13. Payment History (Delivery Person App)
  14. User Management (Admin App)
  15. Analytics (Admin App)

You can also consider the inclusion of additional features like real-time chat and social media integration to make your app more user-friendly and give your business an edge over your peers.

How to Estimate On-demand Mobile App Development Cost?

Like any other mobile app, the cost of developing an on-demand delivery app also depends on various factors including the number of features, app complexity, hours of development, platform, and hourly rate of developers. When you hire mobile app developers from the US, their hourly charges can around $150 to $250, whereas Indian app developers charge around $25 to $80 an hour. This variation makes a huge difference in the app development cost especially if your on-demand delivery app is complex.

In addition to these factors, third-party services integration, necessary licenses for providing delivery in specific areas, and legal costs (for specific on-demand delivery apps) are other expenses you need to consider while developing an on-demand mobile app. The on-demand app development company can give you an exact quote based on your business requirements and app features.

If we consider major cost-determining factors, the approximate on-demand delivery app development cost will be around $10000 to $30000. However, the integration of advanced features can take this cost to $45000. Talking about the app development duration, a team of on-demand app developers needs approximately 1500 hours to complete the app with all necessary features.

Wrapping Up

Many factors affect the cost of on-demand delivery app development. While developing a feature-rich on-demand app for your business, you need to consider the app marketing and app maintenance costs along with these factors. Most mobile app development companies count these costs additionally while giving you a quote, and therefore, you need to take them into account while preparing a budget for app development. However, it is fair to mention that investment in on-demand app development is profitable and it can give you a good ROI over the period.

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