Your Ultimate Guide to Build Successful Grocery Delivery Application

Instacart and Walmart Grocery have recently set new records in the number of daily download by having an increase of 218% and 160%. In this corona age, Walmart grocery app has already surpassed Amazon in downloads by 20%. CNBC has expected that online grocery sales will grab 20% of market share by the year 2025. All these facts and figures show the bright future of on-demand grocery delivery applications worldwide.

You can hire mobile app developers to build a feature-rich on-demand grocery delivery app and boost your retail business. But then, if your app fails to attract more people amid intensifying competition, your business may not achieve its objectives. We will discuss the necessary features and tips to make your on-demand grocery app successful in this blog. But, before this, let’s understand the Uber for X model in brief as a superset of the on-demand economy.

Brief Introduction of Uber for X Model

Convenience, safety, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness are four major reasons for the rise of on-demand economy and online grocery delivery model. Many startups and SMEs want to make the most of this trend known as Uber for X. This model is based on two things- what and where. It is the driver of the on-demand economy. Here, the service providers or retailers and customers connect on the common platform, an on-demand delivery app. As a result, service or goods providers can deliver their services or products on-time to the customer’s doorsteps.

The mobile app development company can make a customized app in line with a business model. Usually, on-demand apps are built for groceries, food, home services, and the like. These days, many sectors like healthcare, hospitality, travel, finance, and logistics have started to leverage the benefits of on-demand apps.

Let’s go through key features and useful tips to make your on-demand grocery delivery app successful.

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On-demand Grocery Delivery App- Features and Tips

As we discussed, the Uber for X model answers the questions of what and where. Now, we will see what necessary features can help you make your on-demand grocery delivery app successful.

The grocery delivery app has three main aspects. Here is the list of the necessary features for all three panels.

User Panel or Customer App

  • Registration
  • Product Search
  • Search Suggestions
  • Order Menu
  • Time Slot
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Favorites
  • Track Orders
  • Contact Delivery Persons
  • Cancel Order
  • Review and Rating
  • Help Desk

Delivery Person Panel or Delivery Person App

  • Registration
  • Accept or Reject Delivery Request
  • Order History
  • Contact Customers
  • Payment Section
  • Route or Maps
  • Contact Admin

Admin Panel                                

  • Track Orders
  • Track Delivery Persons
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Category and Inventory Management
  • Customer Support

Advanced Features

These features can give your on-demand grocery delivery an edge over various competitors. Advanced features are also integrated to get useful insights to make informed decisions in real-time. These features include GPS tracking, push notifications, behavior tracking, shoppers tracking, loyalty program, re-ordering, and real-time online calling.

Though the integration of such advanced features can increase the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost significantly, they can make the app popular and get a high ROI over the period.

Top Three Tips to Make Grocery Delivery App Successful

  1. More Customization and Flawless Delivery Services

The on-demand grocery delivery app domain is highly competitive and therefore, you need to focus on providing excellent user experience. Here it is fair to mention that even if your app works seamlessly, if there are issues in your delivery system and delivery persons fail to meet the expected delivery time, then people will find new options. You can also give a customized menu that enables the app users to get rid of scrolling through the entire menu every time. The customized menu works on the ML (Machine Learning) technology and shows items based on the user’s repeat purchases.

  1. Inclusion of Recommendations

Smart algorithm integration enables you to show recommended items in the app. You can either provide a recommendation survey form within an app and users can fill it, or the app analyzes the buying pattern of the users through a smart algorithm. Both these ways will help you provide recommendations

  1. Options to Choose Supermarket

How about giving your app’s users an option to select their favorite supermarket for ordering groceries and other items? You can associate with all popular supermarkets and offer this facility to the app users with ease. It will help you retain customers on your on-demand grocery app.

These three methods can help you gain popularity in a short time. A reputed mobile app development company can give you more insights and tips for making your on-demand grocery app successful.

Development Cost of Grocery Delivery App

Like other on-demand apps, factors like complexity, app development platform, number of features to be included, and hourly rate of developers affect the cost of the grocery delivery app. Though these features are interconnected, we need to consider separately for determining the app development cost. Here, the hourly rates of developers play a vital role because of variations. For example, if you hire mobile app developers from the USA, you need to pay anywhere between $150 to $250 an hour, whereas Indian developers charge very less as compared to them in a range of $30-$80 an hour.

Considering all these factors, a basic on-demand grocery delivery app with necessary features can cost you around $12000 to $20000 if you hire India developers. However, a feature-rich app can cost over $35000.

Concluding Lines

Here we have given a list of necessary features and some useful tips to make your on-demand grocery delivery app successful. The grocery and food delivery business has a lot of potential and you can leverage its benefits by bringing a feature-rich app. As the trend of m-Commerce and online shopping is rising, we can certainly expect that on-demand apps are here to stay. All you need to hire mobile app developers who can transform your grocery business into an online, on-demand model.

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